Disinfo: Islamic fighters from many countries came to visit the second…


Islamic fighters from many countries came to visit the second Crimean Tatar World Congress held in the Kherson region. Tatar leader Mustafa Djemilev said that any Muslim wanting to join the jihad against the damn Russians for the liberation of sacred Crimea can do so after attaining an official status from Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.


There was no one from the countries reported in the disinformation article. Mustafa Djemilev never made such a statement: bit.ly/1S5dDey,


  • Reported in: Issue 12
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 18/01/2016
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Crimean Tatars, Kherson, Muslim/Islam, Crimea, Daesh


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The Dutch are afraid of DCFTA with Ukraine

The Dutch are afraid of DCFTA with Ukraine. If the economic border between Ukraine and the EU disappears, hundreds of Dutch companies will go bankrupt because they cannot stand the competition with cheaper agricultural products of Ukraine.


No evidence given. // In 2014 and in 2015 anchor-man Kiselyev constantly persuaded the public that the Trade Association of Ukraine with the European Union was conceived by crafty Europeans to rob Ukraine, that the EU will give Ukraine no loans, and that no Ukrainian goods cross the border of the EU. Now he says that the EU will invest into Ukraine billions of euros, and that Ukrainian agriculture is so competitive that it threatens Holland, whose agriculture is one of the most efficient in the world.