Disinfo: Only Ukraine reacts hysterically to the football championship between unrecognised republics


Not all countries react as sharply and hysterically as Ukraine to the participation of representatives of their specific territories in ConIFA (Confederation of Independent Football Associations) tournaments.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about Ukraine and unrecognised territories.

CONIFA was founded in 2013 to oversee international competitions among the non-FIFA affiliated associations in the world. The so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" and "Luhansk People's Republic" are among the members of CONIFA. Meanwhile, organisers emphasise the non-political role of the competition.

In Europe, there are two official football structures that are authorised to hold or give the right to host world and continental championships. They are FIFA and UEFA. At the moment, 206 officially recognised states are members of FIFA, which have the right to hold and fight for participation in world and continental championships. Neither FIFA nor UEFA recognises CONIFA nor its championship.

Some other countries, not only Ukraine, whose unrecognised territories are involved in the CONIFA tournament, are protesting against this tournament as well. For example, Abkhazia, an unrecognised republic, which is internationally considered to be part of Georgia, is one of the participants in the tournament. It also held this competition in 2016, and the Georgian authorities spoke about the illegality of CONIFA, especially since the participants came to Abkhazia through Russia, which is illegal under Georgian law. Azerbaijan also opposes CONIFA.


  • Reported in: Issue184
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 03/02/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia
  • Keywords: Abkhazia, EU disintegration, Abandoned Ukraine, Ukrainian disintegration, DPR, LPR


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All information stuffing in Poland is aimed at creating anti-Russian sentiments

The topic of the “Russian threat” is artificially constructed by the Polish authorities for internal and external use. Poland launched an active information attack on Russia. In recent months it has intensified. All information dumps in Poland are aimed at creating anti-Russian sentiments. They are Russophobic in nature. Statements about the “Russian threat” periodically come from Western politicians, but most often from the Baltic countries and Poland.


An attempt to depict EU member states as anti-Russian and Russophobic, as well as recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that the “Russian threat” is made up and used for different internal and external reasons, for example, to encircle and weaken Russia. More generally, this disinformation message is also in line with the current disinformation attack on Poland.

“Russophobia” is a manipulative defensive line, often used by Russian propaganda to reduce any criticism of the Russian state to an irrational intolerance towards the Russian people. Outlets such as RT, Sputnik and Russian national state television use the term to explain away almost any foreign criticism of Kremlin policies.

China to develop a vaccine against coronavirus and make big money

China has not given the coronavirus strain to any other country to examine and work on it so far. Perhaps China wants to develop a vaccine on its own and then make big money by selling it to the world.


The claim is groundless. While laboratories around the world are now working on new tests for the Wuhan coronavirus and developing treatments for those infected with it, China is hosting a team of World Health Organisation experts, led by Canadian emergency expert  Dr. Bruce Aylward.

See more disinformation cases on coronavirus: coronavirus is being man-made by the US, NATO or UK, sponsored by Bill Gates in the frame of the global fight against China and Russia.

Legendary scout, hero of Russia, saved the Polish city of Kraków

Legendary scout, a hero of Russia, Alexey Botian during the World War II commanded a sabotage group in the Polish rear. He managed to save the city of Kraków [Cracow] in Poland. His group blew up the castle, which the Nazis turned into an ammunition depot. Botian made a major contribution to saving Krakow from destruction by the German invaders.


This message is part of the Kremlin’s policy of historical revisionism and promotes a fake story about the "heroic saving of the city of Kraków from Nazi destruction by the Red Army".

For decades, the Soviet authorities have spread a story about the heroic role of the Red Army in the saving of Kraków Old Town from being blown up by retreating Nazi troops. Polish historians have established the narrative of the Nazis, preparing to blow up Kraków as a post-war myth aimed at the glorification of the Red Army among the Poles. Famous Soviet television film "Major Whirlwind" (1967) came to support this propaganda.