Kyiv: NATO troops must enter Ukraine and hit Moscow


  • Reported in: Issue 97
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 01/02/2018
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: War in Ukraine, NATO
  • Outlet: Politonline
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An official delegation of German deputies visited Crimea

German business is ready to work in the Crimea. In order to assess the situation, deputies of the three regional parliaments of Germany arrived in the peninsula for an official visit. The main purpose of the  delegation is to have business meetings.


This wasn't an official delegation. The reaction of the German government spokesman Steffen Seibert:  "We are fundamentally critical of such visits, but private travel does not fall under sanctions.”

Seibert noted that Germany adheres to non-recognition policy due to illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia and that Germany warns those who decide to travel about the legal consequences from Ukraine's side.

Minister of national defense of Lithuania admitted to being gay and was accused of sexual harassment

Minister of national defense of Lithuania Raimundas Karoblis admitted to being gay and was accused of sexual harassment.


Repeating disinformation that appeared when news website was hacked and false information concerning Minister of National Defence published in the evening of January 18. Immediately after that, e-mail letters containing an attachment with a malicious code were sent from an address mimicking the hacked website to a target audience - representatives of Lithuanian state authorities and media organisations. The incident was prevented through cooperation of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and experts.

The malicious code was injected into a hidden data field, description of which also shows an error message in Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet
allowing investigators to assume that a Russian version of Microsoft Word software was used for the creation of the document.

US and NATO officially started preparations for war with Russia and China, says British media

The Americans will try to destroy Russia and China by others’ hands, thanks to their old and new partners. British Army chief Sir Nick Carter openly announced the imminent beginning of a war with Russia.


No evidence given that US and NATO officially started to prepare for war with Russia and China. The Gen Carter said that the UK needs to "prepare to fight the war we might have to fight". No evidence given about the fact that the Americans try to destroy Russia and China "by others' hands".