Disinfo: Kyiv refuses to clear up its mines in Donbas


Ukraine is refusing to clear up mines in Donbas and therefore Finland will have to do it. After Kyiv refused to finance the clearing of mines left by Ukrainian soldiers, Finland has taken on the task.


Another narrative attempting to portray Ukraine as a failing state. See recent EUvsDisinfo article Ukraine is attacked again. And again. Ukraine has never refused to clear mines in the Donbas war zone. Mine clearance is conducted simultaneously by Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the State Special Transport Service and the Emergency Situation Service. In addition, since 2016 several international organisations have been helping with mine clearance in Ukraine such as the Halo Trust, the Danish Demining Group, and the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action. In 2005, Ukraine became a signatory to the Ottawa Convention or the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty and since 2012 has continued to dispose of prohibited explosive devices. In January 2019, a new law on mine safety and clearance came into force. The law states that anti-mine and clearance programmes will be financed through the state budget along with donor funds. Finland’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that they are ready to allocate 600,000 euros for mine clearing in Donbas. In addition to Finland, over the last year Great Britain, Germany, NATO and others have provided financial assistance for mine clearing programs in Ukraine. Debunk by StopFake.


  • Reported in: Issue 173
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 02/11/2019
  • Outlet language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Finland, Ukraine
  • Keywords: War crimes, Civil war, Donbas, War in Ukraine
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The Istanbul Convention comes to destroy the traditional Armenian family

The Istanbul Convention comes to destroy our traditional family. The purpose of the Istanbul Convention is not to prevent violence against women. It is a lie; it is aimed at protecting the LGBT community. They want to bring satanism, an abomination. All this is unacceptable. This is the final stage of the genocide. We’re not going to give up our country to the devils.


This message is consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about the morally corrupt West and threatened traditional values plus the West as a threat to and promoter of sodomy and satanism. The Istanbul Convention (the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence) is a treaty of the Council of Europe that opens the path for creating a legal framework at pan-European level to protect women against all forms of violence, and prevent, prosecute and eliminate violence against women and domestic violence. The Armenian Ministry of Justice clarifies that the Convention does not threaten Armenia's traditional values. The Convention only states that traditions, cultures and religion cannot justify violence against women. In addition, the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe provided an opinion, that "there are no provisions in that Convention that could be said to “contradict” the Constitution of Armenia". More manipulations of the Istanbul Convention can be read here and a similar case can be consulted here.

Guerilla warfare and complete disintegration are coming to the US-controlled Ukraine

Recently the confrontation between president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and minister of interior Arsen Avakov, represented by Ukrainian national battalions, has entered a new phase. Negativity is accumulated, the dialogue is avoided by the sides, a formation of an enemy image are already there. Guerilla warfare and subversive acts are coming, and any accident can provoke a new coup which will give a start to a new stage of Ukraine’s disintegration. The entry of Zelenskyy in power became a catalyst of conflicts between Ukrainian elites. They will result in Ukraine’s collapse, because even the US – and its embassy plays a colonial role in Ukraine – will not be able to restrain the conflict, given that Ukrainian elites copy the split between American elites. At the same time, the US will not allow either Zelenskyy or Avakov to be destroyed. Hence the conflict will be developing cyclically until Ukraine’s complete disintegration.


This publication represents a mix of conspiracies and groundless allegations aimed to discredit Ukraine, claiming that the country is resigned to a bleak future and imminent collapse. It is consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin narratives about Ukraine's disintegration and imminent collapse and Ukraine as a puppet state controlled by the US. Ukraine is a sovereign state. Neither the US nor the EU countries control Ukraine. Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are respected by most of the free world but were violated by Russia in 2014. It was reported that Zelenskyy and Avakov had working disagreements, however, their scope and possible consequences are groundlessly exaggerated in the publication. See earlier disinformation cases alleging that the US has turned Ukraine into a puppet, that Ukraine will disintegrate and fall prey to territorial claims of EU member states, that Ukraine is a failed state and will be split up, and that Ukraine will either be part of Russian civilization, or a decaying anti-Russia emanating terrorist threats.

Poland may end up being partitioned between Germany and Russia

With the ultimate aim to ruin the Belarus-Russia integration process and to bring Belarus closer to Poland, Warsaw is changing the ways of working with the Belarusian opposition. Polish security bodies are currently placing a greater emphasis on Belarusian informants. At the same time, NATO aims at constraining Belarus’ allied commitments towards Russia and at ruling out Belarus’ activities in case of NATO threat to the Kaliningrad region. Americans pressure Belarus to take a passive position in the possible NATO-Russia conflict. Taken together, enforcement of NATO military grouping along Belarusian borders and Polish elites’ attempts to bring discord in Belarus-Russia relations aim at distracting Belarusian resources from the economic sector to defence. Polish foreign policy is generally very cyclical. As a rule, it tried to build an anti-Russian bastion in Europe based on foreign actors, be it Vatican, Sweden, France, UK, or the US. Each time these attempts ended with Poland’s collapse and country partitions. This can happen once again. Polish efforts to militarise Eastern Europe and to attract US’s attention to the region provoke Berlin’s discontent. German diplomats even joke that if things continue developing in this way, Germans will have no choice but to agree with the Russians once again and to partition the Polish state.


This publication is a mix of conspiracy theories and groundless generalisations aimed to discredit Poland's foreign and security policies, Germany, the West and NATO as anti-Russian belligerent actors aimed at disrupting Belarus-Russia relations and counteracting the Union State between Belarus and Russia. It is also consistent with a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the US presence in Europe. Furthermore, it puts forward an offensive remark to the German side alleging that Berlin may accept Poland's partition in coordination with Russia following a hypothetical NATO military actions against Russia. Germany and Poland are both members of NATO. NATO is a defensive alliance and does not pose a threat to Russia. Its purpose is to protect its member states. Every country that joins NATO undertakes to uphold its principles and policies, and this includes the commitment that "the Alliance does not seek confrontation and poses no threat to Russia," as reaffirmed at the Brussels Summit. For more information about NATO-Russia relations and disinformation narratives about NATO, see here and here. See earlier disinformation cases alleging that Poland’s policy towards Russia is based entirely on US support, that Poland is an “extension” of the United States in Europe, that Poland wants to divide Europe into two camps to strengthen its leadership within Europe, and that Poland and the Baltic countries are the Western world’s jackals who can produce a global catastrophe.