Disinfo: Kyiv refuses to implement the Minsk agreements and the Normandy agreements


Kyiv stubbornly refuses to implement the Minsk agreements and the Normandy agreements.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that Ukraine is not willing to implement the Minsk and Normandy agreements.

In reality, Article One of all Minsk agreements calls for an immediate ceasefire because it is impossible to proceed with the peace process amid hostilities. Ukraine has announced a truce several times since the war broke out in Donbas in 2014, and the illegal DNR and LNR republics have been continually violating it. On top of that, separatists often use the civilian population as a human shield by shelling Ukrainian positions from residential areas to accuse Ukrainian troops of possible civilian victims when they strike back.

Moscow illegally provides weapons to the separatists. This is a well-known fact, although Russia denies it and accuses the US of selling weapons to Kyiv. Ukraine, on the other hand, does not conceal the military aid it receives because it is legal and transparent.

By making statements alleging that Ukraine has done nothing to implement the Minsk agreements, Moscow and the separatists it backs are delaying a peace settlement.

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  • Reported in: Issue 267
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 22/11/2021
  • Article language(s) German
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Ukraine, Russia
  • Keywords: War in Ukraine, Donbas, Minsk agreements
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Disinfo: Poland and the Baltic states commit only destructive acts in the post-Soviet space

Since Poland and the Baltic states are unable to come up with anything but destructive acts in the post-Soviet space, the main Western countries use the services of these states only when they need these destructive actions. In crisis situations, Poland and the Baltic states are carefully pushed aside and the West solves the problem on its own.

This situation always takes place in the case of relations with Russia. Eastern Europe has reconciled with the fact that the leaders of the USA, Germany and France communicate with Putin bypassing them – they do not ask their allies what they think about the dialogue with the Kremlin. However, the talks with Lukashenka behind the backs of Eastern European NATO members is a particular humiliation.


A recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about “aggressive” countries of Eastern and Central Europe. The second part of this massage presents Poland and the Baltic states as the countries, which have no “voice” in NATO, being the “puppet-states” or colonies of the United States or the EU.

Poland and the Baltic states are often groundlessly presented as anti-Russian, Russophobic countries involved in destructive actions in the post-Soviet space (such as organisation of a colour revolution in Belarus and undermining the security of Russia).

Disinfo: US needs armed confrontation between Europe and Russia to rescue its own economy

The threat of a conflict on the global level is as real as during the 1962 Сaribbean crisis [ed. Cuban missile crisis]. America is accelerating the crisis that could escalate into a real armed confrontation (with Russia). For Europe, it could destroy part of it. For the US, it is the possibility to rescue its own economy.


The message is mixing disinformation narratives about Europe as a puppet of the US, which is provoking war with Russia through its proxy and narratives of US policy driven exclusively by companies producing military equipment.

The US is not seeking war or any kind of confrontation with Russia. It is officially stated that:

Disinfo: Poland aggravates border situation to distract attention from domestic problems

Poland aims to aggravate the situation [in terms of the border crisis]. The Polish authorities have failed with the migrants, so they started looking for other opportunities and ways [to fight Belarus]. Warsaw has two goals: first of all, to present itself as a defender and, secondly, to distract attention from internal divisions and problems in Polish society.


Recurring disinformation narrative from pro-Kremlin outlets about the migration situation on the EU-Belarus borders.

The claim that Poland aggravates the situation on the border with Belarus in order to fight with Belarus and reach its domestic goals is ungrounded.