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Kyiv shuts off water to Donbas without any explanation

Summary of Disinformation

Without warning or explanation, Kyiv cut off water supplies to Luhansk. This is a genocide Ukrainian style.

lugansk1.info/43507-ukraina-bez-preduprezhdeniya-prekratila-podachu-vody-v-lnr-s-petrovskogo-vodozabora-luganskvoda/, , nahnews.org/998179-genocid-po-ukrainski-kiev-bez-obyasneniya-prichin-prekratil-podachu-vody-v-donbass

Kyiv did not cut the water to Luhansk, Luhanske Enerhetychne Obyednannia, (LEO) the regional utility company has warned countless times that both consumer and corporate electricity accounts located on separatist controlled territory that were not paying their bills, particularly such companies as Popasnianska Vodokanal pumping station, would be cut off. LEO reports that it is in a precarious financial position because of the millions of unpaid bills, which has led to its accounts being frozen by the National Energy and Public Services Regulatory Commission. One pro-Kremlin site referred to this as a genocide,  a word that is often used in pro-Kremlin disinformation but seldom refers to the actual crime against humanity euvsdisinfo.eu/disinformation-cases/?text=genocide&disinfo_issue=&date=, . Further debunking by Stopfake.org www.stopfake.org/en/fake-kyiv-shuts-off-water-to-luhansk-without-explanation/, .

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Reported in: Issue 92
Date: 06.12.2017
Language: Russian
Country: Ukraine
Keywords: Eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian disintegration, Genocide
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Luhansk1.info, Vzglyad, Kharkiv News Agency, Ukraina.ru, Voskhod info, Nasha Gazeta, Luhansk1, Realnaya Gazeta, Rubaltic, Ostrov
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