Disinfo: Labs could not prove that Novichok was involved because they don’t have any sample


Without the original Novichok sample to compare the analysis made with a mass spectrometer, it is impossible to know if the traces found in Alexei Navalny are really Novichok. This is a huge inconsistency and it makes us doubt the veracity of the public declarations.


Disinformation message on the Alexei Navalny poisoning and the Novichok class of lethal agents. On Monday, 14 September 2020 the German government stated that:

A specialist Bundeswehr laboratory carried out toxicological tests on samples from Alexei Navalny. The results of these tests have revealed unequivocal proof of the presence of a chemical nerve agent from the Novichok group. (...) Moreover, the Federal Government has requested that France and Sweden as European partners conduct an independent examination of the German evidence, based on new samples taken from Mr Navalny. The results of this examination by specialist laboratories in France and Sweden have meanwhile been released and confirm the German findings.

Mass spectrometry can be used to discover very low traces of substances and even deal with unknown substances since it shatters the molecules into charged fragments which, by their mass/charge ratio, behave differently in electromagnetic fields. Moreover, the public database of the National Institute of Standard and Technology contains both the mass spectrum of A-234 and the mass spectrum of the agent used in the Ivan Kivelidi killing in 1995. The scientific literature discusses those issues. For instance, the 3rd Edition of the Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents includes now a chapter on the use of the Novichok agent in the UK. The online media Meduza interviewed Marc-Michael Blum, a biochemist who studies decontamination, countermeasures, and mitigation of chemical warfare agents who explains how to proceed with an analysis with mass spectrometry from biological samples. Stating that identifying the poison is technically impossible and therefore the laboratories German, French and Swedish lie for political reasons is a lie. Read also on the Navalny poisoning case: Alexei Navalny was poisoned by an MI6 agent, German doctors are silenced, Navalny's recovery disproves poisoning by Novichok.


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Georgia aims at infecting South Ossetians with Covid-19

Amid the outbreak of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in Georgia, the committee regards the appearance of people who may be carriers of the infection near the territory of South Ossetia as a deliberate provocation that could negatively affect the epidemiological situation in South Ossetia… Also, there are no “occupying forces” in South Ossetia. It is a state, recognised by a number of countries of the international community.


The claim contains multiple disinformation narratives on coronavirus, Georgia and Russian-occupied territories of Georgia. In fact, local activists and the majoritarian candidate in Gori from opposition party United National Movement (UNM) held a demonstration near the occupation line to protest about the creeping occupation. It was not a secret gathering or provocation, aiming at infecting the South Ossetian population as the event was covered by media. Also, there is no secret patrolling alongside the administrative boundary line (ABL). The EU monitoring mission monitors the situation near the occupation line since 2008. EUMM has become the target of pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign earlier, claiming that the mission is involved in provocations and infects South Ossetians deliberately. See earlier claims here and here. The international community does not recognise South Ossetia as a state. Russia recognised Abkhazia and South Ossetia, two breakaway regions of Georgia, as independent states right after the 2008 Russo-Georgian War. Only 5 states recognise these two regions - Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Syria and the Republic of Nauru. EU, US and other democratic countries support Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The West is preparing the disintegration of Ukraine

Western countries have never needed a strong and prosperous Ukraine, so they plan to break up the country in Yugoslav scenario.


Conspiracy theory with no evidence given. This message is an example of a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Ukraine being abandoned by its Western partners and the disintegration of Ukraine. Ukraine is a priority partner for the EU and NATO. Its sovereignty and territorial integrity are respected by almost all the world. Neither the EU, nor NATO, or their member states are planning to destroy Ukraine. On the contrary, they support the economic development of Ukraine and, for example, right now provide financial assistance amidst the crisis caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. See similar disinformation cases: for the EU, Ukraine is only a reservoir of materials and cheap labor; the EU provides practically no assistance to Ukraine; Europe has forbidden Ukraine to save its industry.

Europe wouldn’t bother about Belarus if Poland wasn’t an outpost of the US

If not for the efforts of Poland, which is an outpost of the United States in the EU, as well as Lithuania, the Belarusian issue would be in tenth place for the countries of old Europe. Poland, and through it the United States, will make Europe think about this seemingly unnecessary topic. Poland and Lithuania want to ensure an increase in the number of their supporters in Belarus.

This is a pro-Kremlin narrative about the US presence in Europe as well as about thr Belarus protests and, in general, about protests in post-communist countries, presenting them as being organised and controlled from abroad. It accuses Poland of being a US puppet and of a plan to intervene in the domestic affairs of Belarus, which is a severe violation of the principles of diplomacy and international relations. There is no evidence that the US, Poland or other foreign forces are involved in any way in the protests in Belarus. The protests in Belarus erupted to contest the results of the presidential election on the 9th of August, which are considered fraudulent by a large part of Belarusian society. The European Union has also stated that the elections were neither free nor fair. Poland and Lithuania support the independence and territorial integrity of Belarus. Poland and Lithuania, as well as the EU, have expressed support to people protesting in Belarus. Read our past analysis discussing various pro-Kremlin media allegations that Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Soros and other foreign actors are behind protests in Belarus. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki presented the so-called “Solidarity Plan”, which is aimed at supporting Belarusian society, which faces harsh repressions from the side of the Belarusian authorities. This Plan has five components – support for people facing political repressions; a scholarship programme; better access to the Polish labour market; support to independent media; support to Belarusian NGOs. These steps have no connection to the alleged “active interference in the domestic affairs of Belarus”. Poland respects the principles of international law and does not intervene in the domestic affairs of any country. See other examples of similar messages: The West supports a bloody post-election Maidan scenario in Belarus; The West wants to prepare Maidan in Belarus and Poland presented a plan of active interference in the domestic affairs of Belarus, and that The United States is behind the protests in Belarus.