Disinfo: Ukrainian language law deprives people of their rights and freedoms


Ukrainian language law makes it almost impossible for the Russian-speaking population [in Ukraine] to use the Russian language.  This applies not only to the Russian language, but also to Hungarian and others […] That is, the law deprives people of their fundamental rights and freedoms.  Moreover, the Constitution and the procedure of consideration were violated.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the Ukrainian language law and discrimination against Russian speakers.

The Verkhovna Rada passed on April 25 the law "On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language".  The law establishes mandatory use of the Ukrainian language in most areas of public and communal life, including the mass media, education, science, etc.

However, the law does not forbid the use of Russian and other languages in private communication and religious ceremonies. Moreover, Russian and other languages can be present in book publishing, the press, including radio and television, education and the service sector.  The law allows the use of other languages in the healthcare system and in law enforcement.  Ukrainian language, though, is preferred.

In addition to this, the law stipulates that in accordance with the European Charter for Regional Languages and Languages of National Minorities, the government should develop a law safeguarding languages rights of minorities during the six months after the language law enters into force.

For background on the Ukrainian language laws, see here.


  • Reported in: Issue 150
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 08/05/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian, Ukrainian
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: Ukraine, Human rights, Russian language, Ethnic Russians
  • Outlet: Nash TV Channel (18:40-19:15)
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Europe has accepted an immoral, perverted way of life

Europe has distanced itself from God. Europe has accepted an immoral, perverted way of life and declared the sin of sodomy as a norm.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative aimed at portraying Europe as immoral and incompatible with Christian values with the aim of influencing Georgia's pro-Western foreign policy and portraying the EU as a place with moral decay. 'Threatened values' is one of the most common narratives used by pro-Kremlin outlets.

See examples of similar disinformation cases here and here.

Depravity, juvenile justice and sectarianism caused the Notre-Dame fire

Modern Europe distanced itself from God and accepted depravity, juvenile justice, and sectarianism, that is why Notre-Dame is burning. Today’s Europe trampled down eternal ideals and declared that defending gay activists is more important than Christian morals.


Recurrent narrative that Europe distances itself from Christian values what leads to tragedies such as the fire of Notre-Dame. A similar case that the fire was a sign of Europe's decline can be found here.

Juvenile justice has been a target of disinformation campaigns in Georgia for years. Groundless allegations are spread, claiming that this issue has been imposed by the West and gives minors unlimited rights, which in the end is directed against the institution of family and its values. More about the disinformation narratives against the juvenile justice in Georgia can be found here.

Crimea reunited with Russia through a democratic referendum

Crimea detached from Ukraine by a popular referendum and was ithen ncorporated into Russia.

The authorities of Crimea and Sevastopol held a referendum on 16 March 2014 on reunification with Russia. As a result, 96.7 percent and 95.6 percent of citizens respectively voted in favour of joining the Russian Federation.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative on the annexation of Crimea claiming that Crimean citizens chose to rejoin Russia through a legal referendum.

No international body recognises the so-called referendum, announced on the 27th of February 2014, and held on 16th of March 2014.  For the EU statement on the fifth anniversary of Crimea annexation see here.