Disinfo: Latvia and Estonia have claims for Russian territories, Poland wants to seize Ukraine and Belarus, Romania Transnistria


Poland wants to seize [the Ukrainian city of] Lviv and Ukraine as well as Belarus in general and become their patron. Meanwhile, Romania wants to seize Moldova’s [breakaway] Dniester Region. Latvia and Estonia have their own claims for Russian territories.


No evidence given. Recurring disinformation suggesting that EU Member States pose a threat to their neighbours.


  • Reported in: Issue 81
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 21/09/2017
  • Outlet language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Poland, Belarus, Estonia, Baltic states, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia
  • Keywords: Destabilising Russia
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The President of Lithuania lied when stating that Russia attacked Georgia in 2008, annexed Crimea in 2014 and participates in the war in Ukraine

Dalia Grybauskaite, President of Lithuania addressing the UN General Assembly, lies when saying that “Despite a special responsibility that was imposed on the Russian Federation as a permanent member of the Security Council – the protection of international law – Russia violates the UN Charter. It attacked Georgia’. She lies because it was recognized by the EU commission that it was Georgia, who attacked, and that we just exceeded the necessary defence limits. She lies that Russia illegally annexed the Crimea, because there was a referendum in Crimea, and she lies when saying that Russia is participating directly in the war in Easter Ukraine.


The EU's Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia (IIFFMCG) did not conclude that Georgia attacked in 2008. It stated that "The shelling of Tskhinvali by the Georgian armed forces during the night of 7 to 8 August 2008 marked the beginning of the large-scale armed conflict in Georgia, yet it was only the culminating point of a long period of increasing tensions, provocations and incidents." and "The Mission is not in a position to consider as sufficiently substantiated the Georgian claim concerning a large-scale Russian military incursion into South Ossetia before 8 August 2008. However, there are a number of reports and publications, including of Russian origin, indicating the provision by the Russian side of training and military equipment to South Ossetian and Abkhaz forces prior to the August 2008 conflict. Additionally there seems to have been an influx of volunteers or mercenaries from the territory of the Russian Federation to South Ossetia through the Roki tunnel and over the Caucasus range in early August, as well as the presence of some Russian forces in South Ossetia, other than the Russian JPKF battalion, prior to 14.30 hours on 8 August 2008. Also it seems that the Russian air force started its operations against Georgian targets, including those outside South Ossetian administrative boundaries, already in the morning of 8 August, i.e. prior to the time given in the Russian official information." web.archive.org/web/20091007030130/http://www.ceiig.ch/pdf/IIFFMCG_Volume_I.pdf, In 2014, the Russian troops forced the parliament of Crimea to organize an illegal referendum and then conducted the annexation of it that has been condemned by the UNGA (see the resolution A/RES/68/262 on the territorial integrity of Ukraine) bit.ly/1RZGnjo, . There are also numerous facts witnessing the aggression of Moscow including Russian soldiers captured by the army of Ukraine on the territory of this country or the deployment of heavy weapons and mercenaries from Russia to Donbas, Eastern Ukraine. Further details, for example, are in the following reports: bit.ly/1i9fChX, , bit.ly/1JUXaQB, , bit.ly/1RbWQU5, , bit.ly/1L6f6J6, , bit.ly/1GpWmnW,

"To hijack" for 20 million: the US is preparing to seize Moldova under the nose of Russia

The USAID funds aim to decentralize Moldova. This will mean that the power will pass from the national authorities to the local ones. In this context the local authorities will be absolutely dependent on foreign donors. This actually is proved by the activity of the declared program of the United States Agency for International Development. An infrastructure with manual control at the local level is created in front of us, strongly linked to the American institutes and development funds.


No evidence provided of the US trying to seize Moldova. USAID partners with Moldova to improve government effectiveness and accountability, and promote decentralization of the government. It aims to strengthen linkages between local governments and citizens to increase citizen engagement in the governance process. It is not "manual control" of the local authorities but a basic principle of a democratic society. Further debunk by Api.md.

US aims to corrupt local authorities in order to obtain total control over Moldova

The US aims to corrupt local authorities in order to obtain total control over Moldova. Over the last 25 years Moldova has benefited from 1 billion dollars offered by USAID, but the ordinary people did not benefit from this money.


No evidence provided that the USAID financial help aims to corrupt local authorities. List of USAID projects in Moldova here. The author tries to suggest that money coming from US funds is not being implemented in concrete projects, which is a fake affirmation. As Timpul.md reports, US funding has been used in infrastructure projects, e.g. $ 500,000 allocation for the construction of a water treatment plant in Teleneşti. Further debunking here (in Romanian): api.md/news/view/ro-amenintarea-americana-in-republica-moldova-preocuparea-propagandei-rusesti-1695,