Disinfo: Latvia is the villain of a hybrid war against Russia and the Russians


Far from being an innocent lamb facing imminent Hybrid War slaughter by the Russian bear, like the Western Mainstream Media deceitfully misportrays it as, Latvia is actually a ruthless practitioner of Hybrid Warfare against both its Russian neighbor and its own Russian population alike. Riga gets a free pass for everything that it does because it’s a member of both the EU and NATO. Its European Exceptionalism is on full display to the point where even the rehabilitation of SS Nazis is accepted by its partners due to the mistaken belief that this reprehensible historical revisionism will somehow enable them to make geopolitical gains at Russia’s expense. The Western masses are gaslighted into thinking that Russia’s overreacting to Latvia due to their conventional power asymmetries, but the David and Goliath optics are deliberately misleading and mask the dark truth that even tiny states like Latvia can be formidable Hybrid War threats to much larger ones such as Russia.


A recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Latvia, accusing it of Russophobia, hostility to Russia and support for neo-Nazism.

Latvia is not waging a hybrid warfare against Russia. The pro-Kremlin media routinely accuse the Baltic States of militarisation and hostility to Russia. All steps to strenghten security of Baltic states are linked to the aggressive behaviour of Russia toward its neighbours, including the illegal annexation of Crimea and Russian armed aggression in Ukraine.

The pro-Kremlin media tries to discredit the anti-Soviet resistance in Latvia and the independence struggle of the Baltic States by accusing them on neo-Nazi tendencies. Read more here.

Read earlier disinformation cases alleging that the Russophobic Baltic States are beggars and vassals of the West, that the main activity of the Latvian state is the trade of Russophobia, that a genocide against ethnic Russians / Russian-speaking population is possible in Latvia, and that the Baltic states openly glorify Nazism.


  • Reported in: Issue 232
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 22/02/2021
  • Outlet language(s) English
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Russia, Latvia
  • Keywords: Hybrid war, Anti-Russian, Information war
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People of the Baltic states will become foot soldiers and cannon fodder of NATO

The non-motivated military activities of NATO near the border of Russia in the Baltic sea are showing the destructive role of the alliance in East European countries.

Growing military activities in the “Eastern flank” or “Eastern front” are provoking Russia’s response.

The main problems of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn today (and in the future) are the aggressive agenda of NATO and the perspective of becoming cannon fodder. West is using controlled territories of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as a bridgehead for aggression (against Russia).

The independent military and political role of the Baltic state is not visible. The fate of authorities and people of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia is to become foot soldiers in the game of elder NATO’s partners.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative, portraying NATO as an aggressor and presenting Baltic states as the puppets of an alliance.

NATO suspended practical cooperation with Russia in 2014, because of Russia's actions against Ukraine, including the illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea. NATO has a dual-track approach to Russia: strong deterrence and defence, including through the Enhanced Forward Presence in Poland and the Baltic States, and meaningful dialogue. Learn more about NATO-Russia relations here.

The West tries to complicate the process of the Russian vaccine entering the international market

While mass vaccination is underway in Russia, the West is still trying to find a way to complicate the process of the Russian vaccine entering the international market. The very fact of the distribution of Sputnik V and our other vaccines means an increase in the credibility and reputation of Russia in the international arena, they do not want this. Europe is facing a large vaccine shortage, and in this situation, Sputnik V could help defeat the pandemic in Europe.


This is a recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative that exploits the coronavirus pandemic claiming that there is a Russophobic campaign against Sputnik V.

Contrary to the claim, previous criticism and mistrust of the Sputnik V vaccine were not due to any alleged Russophobia but to the publication of incomplete or questionable data about it, surrounded by a disinformation campaign about this and other vaccines.

ECHR demand that Russia release Navalny is politically motivated

The European judiciary continues to dirty itself with politically motivated rulings.

The European Court of Human Rights has demanded that Russia release activist Alexei Navalny, who is due to serve a prison term for embezzlement, without reference to either European or Russian legislation.

This constitutes blatant interference in Russia’s judicial system. Navalny was sentenced by a Russian court, under Russian laws. The European Court has no right to overrule this judgment, nor has it the power to issue a decision on the merits in Navalny’s case. This sort of meddling only serves to confirm that the EU is sticking up for its agent, and is prepared to do so without citing a single legal argument.


The story is part of an ongoing pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign targeting Russian activistAlexei Navalny.

The news segment distorts the content and meaning of the ECHR's appeal in several key ways.