Disinfo: Latvia is a US vassal state, it destroyed its banking sector on Washington orders


Latvia purposefully destroyed its banking sector by Washington’s request. The thing is capital withdrawal and money laundering are too profitable of a business to give it away to dependent vassal states. It is even truer during present hard times when every single penny counts.


This is a conspiracy theory consistent with the lost sovereignty / external control narrative.

Latvia was indeed hit by scandals related to its banking system in 2018. To address the problem, in April 2018 Latvia's parliament adopted a law aimed at reducing and eventually eradicating money laundering. It is, however, an ungrounded claim that Latvia destroyed its banking system to please the US. The country's banking system has, on the contrary, become more stable in some respects in recent years. When it comes to foreign deposit levels, they decreased from over 50% in 2015 to around 20% in 2018, a report of the governmental Financial and Capital Markets Commission says. A lower level of foreign deposits serviced by Latvian banks means reduced risks.

See earlier disinformation case alleging that Latvia is under external control.


  • Reported in: Issue155
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 14/06/2019
  • Language/target audience: Belarusian
  • Country: Latvia, US
  • Keywords: Conspiracy, Baltic states


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The US prepares Moldova for a hybrid war with Russia

The US is preparing Moldova for a hybrid war with Russia. The US is working on a coup project in Tiraspol, Transnistria.


No evidence given. Recurring disinformation suggesting that the US is using Moldova against Russia. Read other cases referencing the West's alleged interference in Moldova's internal affairs here, here, and here.

The USA supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova and, on that basis, supports the 5+2 negotiation format to find a comprehensive settlement that will provide a special status for the separatist region of Transnistria within a unitary and sovereign Moldova.

Lithuania is a typical dying young democracy

Lithuanian LNG terminal in Klaipeda which it rents for 60 million Euros a year from Norway is a glaring example of disadvantage to the country. Lithuania is a typical example of a dying young democracy where no industry sectors are left. Hence, astronomic energy prices for Lithuania are not a big deal.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Lithuania and the Baltic States. See earlier disinformation cases alleging that the Baltic states are dying because they chose not to be with Russia and that Lithuania will be depopulated in 20 years.

Lithuania's Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in Klaipeda was built to ensure the diversification of energy supply and energy security of Lithuania. The terminal enabled Lithuania to import liquefied natural gas from global suppliers, effectively ending the monopoly of Russian gas company Gazprom within the region. The terminal is leased by the Lithuanian government from Höegh LNG on a ten year lease arrangement that expires in 2024. Independent economic analysis has shown that the benefits of maintaining the LNG terminal beyond 2024 outweigh the costs in each of the market structures. Read more here.

Chernobyl series distorts reality in order to damage Rosatom’s image

Many facts presented in the Chernobyl series are completely wrong. Half the staff of the plant is shown to be idiotic, the administration is generally weak, it is insulting.

The idea comes up that the series aims to damage the reputation of Rosatom, which for 15 years has taken 67% of the global nuclear construction market. Fiction remains fiction despite all the efforts to pretend to be a documentary.



No evidence given regarding the alleged motive behind the series to deliberately damage Rosatom's reputation for commercial purposes. This is a conspiracy theory. Since 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear accident has inspired dozens of documentaries and fiction movies and the new one made in 2019 by HBO and Sky TV takes into account all the latest information available to date.

The series was acclaimed by critics, with particular praise for its historical accuracy and attention to detail. The mini-series is based on the recollections of Pripyat locals, as relayed by Belarusian Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich in her book Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster (also known as Chernobyl Prayer: A Chronicle of the Future), and especially on the recollections of Lyudmila Ignatenko. The series is also based on the audio tapes left by Valery Legasov – the scientist responsible for the subsequent inquiry and the clean-up operation, who ultimately committed suicide. The detailed memories by the deputy lead engineer of the Chernobyl power plant at the time, Anatoly Dyatlov, who was responsible for tests at the plant which ultimately contributed to the explosion, have also been available for five years.