Disinfo: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were incorporated into the USSR legally


In autumn 1939, the Soviet Union, pursuing its strategic military and defensive goals, started the process of incorporating Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Their accession to the USSR was implemented on a contractual basis, with the consent of the elected authorities. This was in line with international and state law of that time.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation message, a part of the historical revisionism campaign which denies that the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states ever happened. The Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which had been independent between the two world wars, were not incorporated into the Soviet Union in a legal way and with the consent of the elected authorities of these states: the Kremlin conducted a forced annexation of the Baltic states in June of 1940 following Soviet military occupation and the forced installation of “people’s governments”. On 23 August 1939, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed a non-aggression (Molotov-Ribbentrop) Pact whose secret protocols divided the territories belonging to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, and Romania into Soviet and Nazi spheres of influence. The Pact gave Stalin a free hand in the Baltic states. The Soviet Union used threats to impose a series of “mutual assistance” treaties on the Baltic states allowing them to station troops in their territories laying the groundwork for the Soviet occupation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 1940. Like other countries mentioned in the pact, the Baltic states lost their independence and territories. The Soviet occupation of the Baltic States lasted for 50 years and resulted in mass deportations and repressions against local populations. On 24 December 1989, the Parliament of the USSR, the Congress of the People’s Deputies, adopted a resolution, acknowledging the annexation of the Baltic states as a violation of the USSR's obligations. An English translation of the full text can be found here:

The Congress notes that during this period the relations of the USSR with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were regulated by a system of treaties. Pursuant to the 1920 Peace Treaties and 1926-1933 Non-Aggression Treaties, the signatories were obliged to honour each other’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability under any circumstances. The Soviet Union had assumed similar obligations to Poland and Finland.

On the 80th anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania released a joint statement urging "the governments of all European countries to provide both moral and material support to the ongoing historical investigation of the totalitarian regimes. By acting in a concerted manner, we can counter more effectively disinformation campaigns and attempts to manipulate historical facts." No country stands to obtain financial gains from this initiative. Read here similar cases claiming that the entry of Baltic states into the USSR was consistent with international and state law and that the Baltic States benefited from the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact


  • Reported in: Issue 203
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 19/06/2020
  • Language/target audience: Italian
  • Country: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania
  • Keywords: Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, USSR, Historical revisionism, Occupation, WWII, Baltic states


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Germany is still a vassal to the Anglo-Saxons

The current German political elite has a problem to solve with its own people – how can they explain to the people that 75 years after the end of the war, Germany is still a vassal to the Anglo-Saxons and, at the same time, the country is building a united Europe for itself and simultaneously wants to have good relations with Russia? They will have to choose whether to build a vassal Europe against Russia or to build an independent Europe in a strategic partnership or at least a peaceful good neighbourly relationship with Russia.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives and conspiracies on the loss of sovereignty and Anglo-saxon control. Also consistent with the narrative that the US manipulates its European allies in order to carry out anti-Russian policies. In the pro-Kremlin media, the term “Anglo-Saxons” means “evil”, “belligerent” and “morally corrupt” Westerners, as explained by our earlier analysis. For other examples see: Germany is still in captivity and is not a fully sovereign state, Germany is still in captivity and is not a fully sovereign state, Germany is the executor of US hegemony over Europe; The USA is controlling Europe through occupied Germany; Germany will have to choose between defending Europe's interest and catering to Washington.

Putin’s article on WWII hit the pride of Russophobic, revisionist West

Putin is taking Russophobic villains to a corner. The words of the Russian leader hit the pride of Western politicians, used to rewrite history by themselves. There is an attempt to take Russia’s victory over Nazism away from this country, as the legitimate successor of the Soviet Union. Western media bring the idea that Nazis were defeated thanks to the efforts of the West and not of the USSR. Or they will “accidentally forget” to mention the key role of the Red Army, will call France the most affected country of the world, and then Ukraine will add gasoline to the fire by accusing the USSR of unleashing World War II.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation on World War II and historical revisionism, accusing the West of rewriting history and of trying to deprive Russia of its glorious victory over Nazi Germany. In this case, this disinformation narrative baselessly accuses Western countries of rewriting history, labels anyone daring to challenge the Kremlin’s version as “Russophobic”, and denies any role of the Soviet Union in the outbreak of World War II. You can see other examples of these pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives in our database, such as claims that Poland was responsible for the outbreak of the war, that historical archives on this period are open in Russia and closed in the West, that the USSR tried its utmost to create an anti-Hitler coalition and the West left it alone, that the entry of the Baltic States in the Soviet Union was legal, or that Western revisionism aims to tarnish the image of Putin.

There is an ongoing Deep State revolution against Donald Trump, as proven in Tulsa

There is an ongoing revolution against Donald Trump by the Deep State, which is controlled by the Democratic National Committee and whose victory in the election in November 2020 would mean an Empire that is in harmony with itself. Prior to his rally in Tulsa, the situation wasn’t looking good for Trump: Twitter, the Supreme Court, the Army and even the Secret Service were acting against him. More and more officials declared their allegiance to the New World Order by kneeling to it. The mass media made a superhuman effort to torpedo Trump’s Tulsa rally. There wasn’t a single media outlet friendly to Trump: even Fox News followed the agenda set by The New York Times.


This is a conspiracy theory, part of a well-established Russian disinformation narrative about global elites secretly ruling the world, and specifically a so-called ‘Deep State’ in the United States that opposes alleged outsiders like Donald Trump. No proof is provided to support the claims. The same external links in the original disinformation article, used as examples of the alleged plot against Donald Trump, serve to debunk its own affirmations: Twitter flagged a racist video because it was manipulated; the Supreme Court ruled against two policies promoted by the Trump Administration, upholding the so-called DACA program and granting protection from discrimination for LGBTQ employees, basing its decision on legal grounds; the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff apologised because he had appeared on a photo-op which broke the traditional rules for the army to stay outside politics; and there is no evidence that it was the Secret Service who leaked the information that Trump went to the White House bunker during protests for racial justice in Washington. Fox News reported on negative aspects of Trump’s rally in Tulsa, such as Covid-19 risks or the possibility of unrest, based on informative criteria, not because they were following an alleged “New York Times’ agenda”. None of this can be considered as evidence of a “Deep State revolution” against Trump. You can see other examples of these disinformation narratives in our database, such as claims that the Deep State is behind the racial protests in the US; that it is pushing Donald Trump towards war with Iran; that any US president will be assassinated if he confronts it; that the Assange case represents Trump’s capitulation to these dark powers; that Covid-19 is a biological weapon created by Bill Gates, George Soros and the Deep State, and its vaccines will lead to Full Spectrum Dominance; and that the whistleblower who triggered the impeachment inquiry was linked to Soros.