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Leftists and the Yellow vests likely behind the fire at Notre Dame

Summary of Disinformation

The fire could have been caused by an accident, an Islamist attack or a revenge against Macron from the leftist Yellow vests. In France there are a lot of ultra leftists of all colours, from Trotskyists to anarchists, perhaps this was a planned blow against everything that they hate: religion, state, and Macron as the formal leader.

All this, of course, makes the “Islamist” hypothesis much less probable.


KP.md, Ztb.kz

Recurring disinformation about the causes of the Notre Dame of Paris fire.

The cause of the fire at Notre Dame is not yet clear, the investigation is ongoing.  According to the official investigation, most likely an accident occurred due to renovation works activity, which started more then one year ago at Notre-Dame. In particular, according to firemen, the fire started in the area under renovation. The fire began from a spire which was encircled in scaffolding.

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Reported in: Issue 150
Date: 08.05.2019
Language: Russian
Country: France
Keywords: Notre Dame, yellow vests, Emmanuel Macron
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: KP.md Ztb.kz
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