Disinfo: Lessons from Brexit, the results of which were staged: The…


Lessons from Brexit, the results of which were staged: The world elite does not succeed in starting a war on the territories of Russia and China respectively, therefore it aims to start a war on the territory of the EU. The owners of the world’s wealth cannot maintain the high standard of living on such a huge territory, they will leave it only in the USA, the UK, and Switzerland – and the rest of the world will be thrown into chaos and war.


Groundless conspiracy theory.


  • Reported in: Issue 34
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 24/06/2016
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Switzerland, China, UK, Russia
  • Keywords: Brexit, Chaos, European Union, War preparation, Manipulated elections/referendum, Secret elites / global elites


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NATO creates imaginary threats to world stability

NATO creates imaginary threats to world stability and then saber rattles to defend against aforementioned bogeyman threats.


It is Russia who calls NATO a threat.

In addition to what happened in Georgia and Ukraine, the simulated attacks by Russian warplanes on USS Donald Cook, the abduction of Estonian security service operative, Eston Kohver, the repeated violation of the Baltic states' airspace, and dozens of other provocations by Russia suggest that Russia's threat is not "imaginary".

SVR: former High Representative of the UN died before testifying against Clinton

According to the report of Russian intelligence service SVR, former High Representative of the UN John Ash has been found dead in his house. He should have testified against Hillary Clinton.


Conspiracy referring to a non-existent SVR report - as usual on whatdoesitmean.com. Former U.N. Diplomat John Ashe did die in a June 2016 accident, but his trial was not set to begin five days later, and he wasn't testifying against Hillary Clinton.

Ash should have stood trial because of the suspicion of tax fraud and bribery mostly at the hands of Chinese investors. He was supposed to help them arrange a UN conference center in Macau.

Ukrainian soldiers bury a Russian separatist alive

Ukrainian soldiers bury a Russian separatist alive.


Repeating a previously debunked disinformation by Stopfake: "the video appears to be spliced together, some footage is clear, some blurry. The difference in quality between various frames is apparent and makes one wonder how the footage was filmed. It is also unclear who the men are or that they are in fact Ukrainian military as they are not wearing Ukrainian uniforms or obvious insignia."