Disinfo: Liberal feminist war-mongers are useful for those who rule the world


Western capitalism seeks destruction and chaos in order to ensure its monopoly, and maintain unipolarity. The world must remain a poor, captive market for the western financial powers. Instability and destruction are essential for making it happen, and women with a pathological longing to unleash such suffering can be quite useful to serve these foreign policy objectives.

But who have been the major opponents of these efforts by western leaders? Strongmen. Populists. Figures like Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Nicolas Maduro, and Ali Seyyed Khamenei. Men who exude strength and kind of fatherly wisdom and authority.

Not surprisingly, Kamala Harris loves to rail against Putin from the Senate floor, and accuse Trump of being “soft on dictators.” Amy Klobuchar and Samantha Power also see fighting anti-imperialist leaders who preside over independent economies as one of their primary foreign policy goals. This makes perfect sense when looking into their personal histories. These are women scorned by abusive fathers, grow to prosecutors, politicians, “feminists” seeking to unleash hells fury against anti-imperialist leaders deemed to be “patriarchal.”

This psychological profile of a prosecutor politician, a narcissistic woman with a traumatic past, who seeks revenge and destruction; a liberal feminist war-monger with “daddy issues” seems to be very key in understanding a number of the women emerging in power and popularity among the US political elite.

Their underlying motivations are driven by deep inner pain and are quite useful for those who rule the world.


An unfounded conspiracy theory and a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative aimed at discrediting female opinion makers.

See related pro-Kremlin disinformation cases alleging that post-modern feminism in the West is leading to a total destruction of men; and that Europe brings totalitarian feminism to Belarus to destroy social values.


  • Reported in: Issue 190
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 26/03/2020
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: US
  • Keywords: Conspiracy


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EUMM observers cover up irresponsible activities of the Georgians

Georgia’s law-enforcement and special services are unable to handle the crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic and are intentionally misinforming the public about the actual state of affairs. Georgia’s American curators take advantage of the COVID-19 situation to expand the infection area and create a bacteriological threat thought the region.

European observers cover up the irresponsible activities of the Georgian law-enforcement bodies leading to the escalation of the regime between Georgia and South Ossetia and creating additional security risks.


Conspiracy theory consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about the EU's Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM) and Georgia. Also consistent with the narrative that the US intentionally spreads coronavirus.

The EUMM was deployed immediately following the war between Russia and Georgia in 2008. Its mandate is to support the restoration of ordinary life, to prevent a return to hostilities, to build confidence among the conflict parties and to inform about EU policy.

380 Belgians caught COVID-19 through a massive act of group sex

The Health Minister of Belgium has declared that she will forbid group sex activities, including more than three persons. The reason behind the decision is the highly contagious coronavirus.

The minister had to act resolutely, as Belgium had a reputation of “the binge drinking and group sex capital of Europe”.

The minister decided to forbid sexual acts, including three or more, as last week 500 people were taking part in a coronavirus party that turned into a mass orgy, and 380 of the participants caught the deadly infection.


This is a satire which was misrepresented as factual information. The Belgium minister said no such thing.

The parody text first appeared in the World News Daily Report and was extensively debunked by the international media. It was relayed by a Russian humor account, and then uncritically reprinted by Nationalist Zavtra.

US servicemen imported coronavirus intentionally into China

US servicemen imported coronavirus intentionally into China. The fact that the coronavirus did not originate in China was proved by TSRI researcher Kristian Andersen.


No proof given. A conspiracy theory, presented without evidence to support the claim that coronavirus was created in the USA. This is part of the Kremlin's ongoing coronavirus disinformation campaign. Read a similar case claiming that the US is behind the coronavirus.

In fact, the research organisation referenced, the Scripps Research Translational Institute (TSRI) proved that the new coronavirus originated through natural selection and is not a man-made virus. This study does not corroborate the pro-Kremlin media conspiracies but debunks them. Further debunking by Myth Detector.