DISINFO: Liberalism made the Westerners hedonistic, immoral and under the control of Satan
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DISINFO: Liberalism made the Westerners hedonistic, immoral and under the control of Satan


As a result of liberalism, people in Western societies are hedonistic, immoral, nihilistic and increasingly involved in Satanism. They are effectively under the control of Satan. Liberalism breaks down moral constraints and makes man a slave to his own lust, free to pursue his desires and cravings. The media in Western societies increasingly spreads Satanist values. The Westernisation and modernisation of non-Western societies is a means to Satanise these societies.


Disinformation that combines three related pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives . The first narrative claims that Satanism is the value-system of the global secret elites, whose alleged aim is to destroy traditional religious and values, paving the way for an immoral, hedonistic and unregulated society. The second narrative is about the moral decadence of the West. The third narrative claims that the liberal West seeks to export its hostility to traditional values, materialism and perverse attitudes to non-Western nations.

There is no evidence that supports the article’s claim that people in the Western societies are hedonistic, immoral, nihilistic and under Satan’s control. This claim is not based on facts.

It is not true that a society dominated by Satan and “Satanism” has emerged in the West as a result of liberalism, nor that there is a plan to export the West’s allegedly perverse values and its “Satanist” religion to non-Western countries.

Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets have in multiple occasions employed Satan to prop up their efforts on disinformation. Pro-Kremlin narratives suggest that Satanism is a secret criminal pseudo-religion practiced by the West’s “globalist élites”, without providing any evidence.

The term “Satanism” actually has a variety of meanings and refers mostly to literary, artistic and philosophical trends. As defined by the Oxford Dictionary, “Satanism is understood as the taste for the forbidden and the sinful, especially characteristic of certain romantic and decadent cultures, with manifestations ranging from intellectual defiance of current moralism to the impiety of obscene and grotesque practices of Satan worship.”

The idea of Satanism as the secret religion of Western élites also recurs in the Satanic conspiracy theories advocated by the US right-wing extremist QAnon movement, who believe that there is satanic “Deep State” of “global elites” involved in pedophilia, human trafficking and the harvesting of a supposedly life-extending chemical from the blood of abused children.

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