Disinfo: Life in the Tsarist Russia was more pleasant than in European countries


The Salary Equivalent of a pre-Revolution Janitor was USD 1,200 by Modern Exchange Rate. The average salary of workers in Tsarist Russia was way above the European salaries, while the prices on products in the Tsarist Russia lagged behind the prices on the European market by a lot. The February 1917 Revolution did not have any social pre-requisites and it was inspired from outside.


No evidence provided to any of these claims. Material is taken from a nationalistic resource Za Russkoe Delo. According to a research by an Emeritus-Professor of Groningen University, Angus Maddison, in 1913, Western countries were ahead of the Russia Empire nearly by four times by GDP per capita.

Further debunking by the Myth Detector.


  • Reported in: Issue85
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 16/10/2017
  • Language/target audience: Georgian
  • Country: Russia
  • Keywords: Russian superiority, Europe


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The agreement with the EU – a threat to Armenia’s security

Cooperation with the EU might deprive Armenia the chance to have a nuclear power plant.


The agreement does not exclude in any way that Armenia can build a new nuclear power plant. On the contrary, under the agreement, the European side undertakes to support nuclear security in Armenia. In case of construction of a new nuclear power plant Armenia will enjoy EU support on security issues.

Moreover, Armenia-EU agreement does not mention a deadline for closure of the existing nuclear power plant. It states that the parties will cooperate to carry out the process safely: The cooperation will include the closure and safe decommissioning of Medzamor nuclear power plant and the early adoption of a road map or action plan to that effect, taking into consideration the need for its replacement with new capacity to ensure the energy security of the Republic of
Armenia and conditions for sustainable development.

Western media hushed up news that Russia had destroyed its remaining declared chemical weapons

Western media hushed up news that Russia had destroyed its remaining declared chemical weapons.


Numerous Western media outlets, both in the United States and Europe, reported that Russia had destroyed its remaining declared chemical weapons. These include The New York TimesRadio free Europe/Radio LibertyThe Voice of AmericaReutersThe Associated PressNewsweek, and Agence France-Presse.

Further debunking by Polygraph.info

Ship Carrying American Coal for Ukraine Destroys Port Near Odessa

A tanker ship carrying American coal destroyed a pier in a port near Odessa, forcing the entire port to close for a year of repairs.


According to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, on October 11 the Conquistador  grazed the eighth pier in the Pivdennyi port. The Conquistador is not an American ship, it sails under the flag of Malta.

American coal was delivered to Ukraine a day later on October 12 by the cargo ship Victoria. According to Pivdennyi’s press service, the Victoria did not have any accidents while in port and Pivdennyi is not closing for a year for repairs.