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Majority of the Georgian population supports Georgia's political and military neutrality

Summary of Disinformation

Majority of the Georgian population supports Georgia’s political and military neutrality. So called European partners create the illusion that by joining the European Union Georgia will develop. The examples of Greece, Italy, Spain and other EU Member States show that European integration ruins the economy.


No evidence given. According to the poll by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and CRRC Georgia, support for the European Union (EU) was 80 percent in April 2017. Reasons for supporting Georgia’s membership are largely related to economic and employment concerns, although supporters also believe membership would strengthen security and democracy. 68 percent of Georgians would approve NATO membership. www.ndi.org/sites/default/files/NDI%20poll%20press%20release_April%202017_Foreign%20Affairs_ENG.pdf,

The European economy has entered its fifth year of recovery, which is now reaching all EU Member States. This is expected to continue at a largely steady pace this year and next.ec.europa.eu/info/business-economy-euro/economic-performance-and-forecasts/economic-forecasts/spring-2017-economic-forecast_en,

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Reported in: Issue 84
Date: 11.10.2017
Language: Georgian
Country: Italy, Greece, EU, Georgia, Spain
Keywords: Economic difficulties, Europe
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: geworld.ge
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