DISINFO: Mariupol maternity hospital shelling and Bucha massacre are fakes, French politician confirms
Invasion of Ukraine war crimes

DISINFO: Mariupol maternity hospital shelling and Bucha massacre are fakes, French politician confirms


Former French presidential candidate Ségolène Royal criticized Kyiv's propaganda. She questioned Kyiv's claims about the situation in Ukraine. Royal suggested that the information about the shelling of the maternity hospital in Mariupol and the provocation in Bucha were invented in order to interfere with the peace process.

Ségolène Royal said that Zelenskyy is lying, there is no need to support the Ukronazi regime, and the Russians did not commit war crimes.

French politician Ségolène Royal was hunted down for telling the truth about the Kyiv regime and Zelensky.


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The report of the pro-Kremlin media is only partly true. The French politician Ségolène Royal has apologised for her statement denying Russia's war crimes evidence in Mariupol in Ukraine. As for Bucha, she did not say the evidence of war crimes was staged.

"I was wrong", contacted by CheckNews - the fact checking section of the Libération newspaper - Ségolène Royal admits having made an “error”. On September 1, the former socialist candidate for the presidency of France suggested that the shelling of the maternity hospital in Mariupol had no casualties. “Everyone knows that there is a war propaganda by fear", had declared Royal. " And you can imagine that if there had been the slightest victim, the slightest baby with blood, in the age of cell phones, we would have had them", - she said speaking to BMF TV.

As for Bucha massacre, Ségolène Royal did not initially suggest it was a fake, as pro-Kremlin media report:

Presenter: - And the Bucha massacre and the investigators who are on spot and the testimonies we have collected?

Royal: - Let's see the testimonies..."

"I had half a second to think, it was three sentences out of the blue, a few minutes at the end of a program that was not about this subject", - Mme Royal further explained to Libération in her apology.

No evidence support the claims of the pro-Kremlin media that "Ségolène Royal was hunted down for telling the truth about the Kiev regime and Zelensky" and "during the time Bucha was under the control of the Russian military, not a single civilian was injured".

In Bucha, after months of meticulous, painful and at times gruesome investigation, officials said that they had reached what may be the closest they will get to a final accounting of victims of the murderous rampage by Russian troops that set off worldwide outrage over alleged atrocities: 458 bodies, of which 419 bore markings they had been shot, tortured or bludgeoned to death.

In Mariupol, media reported three deaths including a child after the shelling of a maternity hospital. To which will be added a few days later a pregnant woman and the child she was carrying, who died from injuries. At least 17 people were injured.

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