Mass protests in FYROM against the name change


Mass protests in FYROM against the name change. The citizens don’t want that their country would be called North Macedonia.



Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about FYROM and the name change. No reliable media reported any mass protests. On January 11, the parliament of approved amendments to FYROM’s constitution and the country will change its name to North Macedonia. Outside the parliament there were small groups of protesters opposing the decision.

Further debunking by the Insider.


  • Reported in: Issue 132
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 10/01/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: North Macedonia
  • Keywords: Protest
  • Outlet: Pervyi Kanal (
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Foreign Affairs: Only Russia is able to ensure peace in Syria

After withdrawing forces from Syria the US should pass on everything to Russia, as only Russia is able to ensure peace in Syria. This is reported not by Russian media, but the authoritative American publication Foreign Affairs.





Misleading. The Foreign Policy article argues that "President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from Syria is a mistake. But if he insists on going ahead with it, the best option for the United States is to do what it can to ensure that Moscow—not Ankara or Tehran—ultimately replaces it and negotiates a political settlement that prevents a new conflict in eastern Syria. // That leaves Russia as the best of a bad series of options."

Further debunking by the Insider.

Putin: all the accusations against Russia are the result and means of domestic political struggle in the West relating to the Brexit in the UK and Republicans and Democrats’ relations in the US.


25:37   Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, speaking at the Valdai Forum [the recent Valdai Discussion Club’s meeting] on 18/10/2018:   “We are not bothering anybody. We do not create any troubles. Have we, perhaps, created these problems? No! It is we, who have been accused of something. Moreover, with a high degree of probability, as they say, we did this or that. Intervened there, then did wrong somewhere else. However, no one considers it necessary to present any evidences. For me it is clear – I have already spoken about that before – this is the result of the internal political struggle in the Western world as a whole. Now, there is a struggle for a British exit from the EU here. Then within the United States itself, between Democrats and Republicans. Inside the Republicans themselves. And it seems to someone that there is a very convenient tool for solving domestic political problems: it is the playing the anti-Russian card …”

Russian original:

               25:37   Владимир Путин, президент России, выступая на Валдайском форуме [Valdai Discussion Club] 18.10.2018:   «Мы не напрягаем никого. Мы не создаем никаких проблем. Мы, что ли, создаем эти проблемы? Нет! Это же нас обвиняют в чем-то. Причём, с высокой степенью вероятности, как говорят, мы сделали то-то и то-то. То туда вмешались, то там чего-то натворили. При этом никто не считает нужным предъявить какие-то доказательства. Для меня ясно – я об это уже говорил – это результат внутриполитической борьбы в Западном мире в целом. Сейчас, вот, идет борьба за выход Великобритании из ЕС. Внутри самих Соединенных Штатов, между демократами и республиканцами. Внутри самих республиканцев. Вот! И кому-то показалось, что очень удобный инструмент решения внутриполитических проблем это разыгрывание антироссийской карты … »


All the accusations against Russia were caused by the annexation of Crimea, the war in Ukraine launched by Moscow and the poisoning of the Skripals in the UK.