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Measles outbreak in Ukraine is the fault of Acting Minister of Health Ulana Suprun and her reforms

Summary of Disinformation

Ukraine became the world leader for measles morbidity rates in 2018, due to the inactivity of the Ministry of Health and its head, Ulana Suprun. Suprun’s lack of professionalism resulted in Ukraine lacking measles vaccines: it was under her leadership that Ukraine’s Ministry of Health faced a shortage of many drugs.


This is another case of exacerbating the situation in the Ukrainian health sector, which follows the path of reform. As of February of this year, there have been 1,067,014 doses of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines in Ukrainian hospitals. This is a sufficient for providing vaccinations for the whole population. The main reason for the high measles outbreak in Ukraine is not a shortage of vaccines, but parents' refusal to vaccinate their children.

Information about "non-professional reforms" of healthcare in Ukraine is also incorrect. According to the latest assessment of the World Health Organization, Ukraine has achieved significant success on the path to the reorganisation of the health system and has earned the highest marks from the leading medical organisation in the world.


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Reported in: Issue 141
Date: 03.03.2019
Language: Russian
Country: Ukraine
Keywords: health, vaccination
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Russian RT
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