Disinfo: Migrant raped a goat in Bulgaria


Mladan Kirilov, a 73-year-old Bulgarian shepherd, came acrossa dark skinned migrant, who raped his goat, Milena. The shepherd resisted the attacker and the latter ran away, shouting something in Arabic.


No evidence given.

The story about a migrant having raped a goat cannot be found in any reliable source. Geworld refers to Russian news agency RIA FAN as its original source. A journalistic research project undertaken last year by the independent Russian news outlet RBC showed that RIA FAN is in fact itself an offspring project of the famous St. Petersburg “troll factory”.

Further debunking by Mythdetector.


  • Reported in: Issue 123
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 10/10/2018
  • Language/target audience: Georgian
  • Country: Bulgaria, Georgia
  • Keywords: fake rape, animal cruelty, Migration crisis
  • Outlet: Geworld Sputnik Newsbul


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Georgian Ministry of Education authorized Arabic language teaching in schools

The Ministry of Education of Georgia had already authorized the teaching of Arabic language in the first grade, said a presidential candidate from a political union Free Georgia..


No evidence given.

According to Mythdetector, the schools in Georgia are obliged to carry out general education activities with the certified textbooks. Based on the Decision of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia from August 1, 2018, six textbooks were certified for the first graders. Out of those six, none is written in Arabic.

US and French forces are ravaging North Syrian archaeological sites

American and French forces, and forces supported by Washington are doing excavations at archaeological sites around the city of Manbij. Allegedly, this is “how they are stealing archaeological findings and objects made of precious metals.” The US and French, for example, have taken a lot of gold from these sites.

Manbij is used by the West to smuggle the artifacts out of Syria, to Turkey.

The artifact theft is not new to the US, as they assisted the looters of the Iraqi National Museum in 2003.


Recurring disinformation about the West's role in the Syrian conflict. Earlier, the same website has repeated pro-Kremlin disinformation and falsely accused the White Helmets staging chemical attacks in Syria.

There is no proof that US and French forces are doing illegal excavations in Syria.

The Islamic state took chemical weapons originating in the West

The Russian Reconciliation Center said that the Islamic State took chemical weapons originating in the West in an attack against Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham near the border of the Idlib Governorate. Allegedly, attackers seized two chlorine canisters. The canisters fell into IS’s hands because of the “West’s irresponsible behaviour.”

A chemical attack was being faked and filmed, and then those videos would be shared with international organisations.


Recurring disinformation about the West supporting terrorists, and about plots to fake chemical attacks in Syria.

There is no proof that the West handed over any chemical weapons to any groups in Syria.