Disinfo: "More and more Georgians are governing Ukraine", and that this...


“More and more Georgians are governing Ukraine”, and that this is a problem for Ukraine because this “Georgian community” in the Ukrainian leadership is on the Interpol search list and maintains ties with Chechen terrorists.


German media reports described the opposite, namely that those Georgians involved in Ukraine’s reform process are implementing very strict reforms – that these changes and reforms are however “not to everyone’s liking” is strongly emphasized: bit.ly/20WKrZs, // No evidence for the other claims given.


  • Reported in: Issue 3
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 08/11/2015
  • Outlet language(s) Swedish
  • Country: Georgia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Ukrainian statehood, Terrorism
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It is not the border between Norway and Russia that...

It is not the border between Norway and Russia that is problematic for Norway, but the border with Sweden and Finland. The refugees arriving from these two countries, in contrast to those arriving from Russia, are not duly registered. Russia is the law abiding neighbour, whereas the EU member states’ handling of the refugee flows is “a mess”.


The fact that refugees go just one way – into Norway but not into Finland – would suggest (according to Norwegian police and border guards) that the flow is somehow controlled: bit.ly/1LhUv3v, Finnish media also report that Norway has substantial problems with the flow of refugees coming from Russia, and that there are discussions about the need to stop the flow of refugees from Russia: bit.ly/1Nzt7Qj,

Estonia is infringing on media freedom with the ban of...

Estonia is infringing on media freedom with the ban of Rossiya Sevodnya and that this is not the first time Estonia is breaking the rules and preventing Russian media from broadcasting in Estonia.


A commercial bank in Estonia applied EU sanctions and froze the assets of Rossija Sevodnja. This legal case is based on COUNCIL REGULATION (EU) No 269/2014. The complaints follow the launch of a new Estonian-run TV channel in Russian on October 16, ETV+ which is to serve as an alternative source of Russian language news for Russian-speaking Estonians, thereby competing directly with Russia’s own, state-controlled TV channels in Estonia: bit.ly/1Yd5a8X, Worth noting is that Estonia’s Internal Security Service KAPO noted already in its report of 2013 bit.ly/1HP8uTu, and 2014 the problems associated with Russian state-controlled propaganda media, and described Rossiya Sevodnya in Estonia as one part of the Russian influence operations: bit.ly/1HjO2HF,