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NATO admits the disqualification of millions of voters had a big impact in Ukrainian elections

Summary of Disinformation

Approximately 3 million people couldn’t vote in the Donbas region, neither could Ukrainians living and working in Russia since the Ukrainian Embassy didn’t open the planned voting stations. Moscow thinks that 7 to 10 million of Ukrainian citizens didn’t have the chance to participate in the electoral process. “This problem had an enormous influence in yesterday’s elections”, said the president of the observation mission from the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Michal Szczerba during a press conference on April 1st.


A misrepresentation of a quote by the Head of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly observation mission Michal Szczerba. His exact words were:

"What I observed was a free choice by free people. Ukrainians demonstrated their strong commitment to democratic and Euro-Atlantic values. I saw the enthusiasm of citizens of all ages participating in the election process in impressive numbers. However, I sincerely regret that not all could vote because Russia has illegally annexed Crimea and continues its military aggression in eastern Ukraine”.

No "disqualification" of voters took place in the Donbas, but security conditions didn’t allow the running of normal elections in several areas, despite the efforts of Ukrainian authorities to ensure that even soldiers on the frontline could vote.

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Reported in: Issue 144
Date: 01.04.2019
Language: Spanish, Castilian
Country: Ukraine
Keywords: Ukraine, Eastern Ukraine, NATO
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik Spanish
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