Disinfo: NATO attempts to use force against the Russian Federation


Attempts by NATO countries to use force against the Russian Federation have legitimately provoked strong reactions. The provocative presence of the US military near Russia's western borders is bound to resonate near the US Pacific border. Russia's special experimental nuclear submarine Belgorod (ASQ) and Poseidon nuclear unmanned aerial vehicles (PSA) are warning "partners".


Pro-Kremlin disinformation claiming that NATO countries have attempted to use force against the Russian Federation and that the U.S. military's deployment to Eastern Europe is provoking Russia.

These claims attempt to legitimise Russia’s aggressive policy against Ukraine. In reality since late March-April 2021, Russia is amassing its troop buildup along Ukraine’s border and the anti-Ukrainian separatists are increasing gunfire in Donbas to supposedly prompt Ukraine into backfire, get a casus belli and eventually stage a large-scale attack. The systematic issuing of Russian passports to citizens in Donbas is now also used as a pretext to claim the right to influence and perhaps intervene militarily. Russia is also reported to be using the occupied territories as a testing ground for new weapons. Despite all this, Russia officially denies its military presence in Donbas and accuses the West and NATO of aggressive intentions.

NATO has not attempted to use force against Russia and is not preparing for war with it or any other country. The military exercises “Defender Europe 2021” are “defensive in nature and focused on responding to crisis if necessary”.

NATO is a defensive alliance, whose purpose is to protect its member states. The alliance announces its military exercises well in advance and they are subject to international observation. NATO strongly supports efforts to build confidence and transparency in military activities and exercises.

Military forces from the U.S. in Europe are represented through USEUCOM (U.S. European Command). Since 1952, USEUCOM has participated in, or provided support to, more than 200 named operations varying from humanitarian and natural disaster relief efforts to peacekeeping and anti-terrorism/force protection operations across Europe. The U.S. military forces do not invade any countries in Europe. The U.S. military forces work with the European countries’ security forces to provide training and equipment in different areas. This cooperation builds capacity in the security sector, supports countries’ ability to secure its borders and so on.

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  • Reported in: Issue 240
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 07/04/2021
  • Article language(s) Azerbaijani
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Russia, US
  • Keywords: Warmongering, NATO, US presence in Europe
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Disinfo: The UN opposes sanctions, which are illegal and aren’t part of international law

The policy of sanctions is now an everyday occurrence, despite the stance of the UN against this kind of tools, which are illegal. They are against the international law, but Washington, Brussels, London and others don’t seem to care.


The claim is false.

Chapter VII of the UN Charter establishes the legal basis for the imposition of coercive measures through the United Nations, including sanctions.

Disinfo: In 2020 Italy called for help with the pandemic and only non EU countries helped

In March 2020, Italy, the first European country to be affected, called for help in the face of the pandemic.

There was no answer and finally it was non-EU member countries which brought them help. This is the sign of a lack of solidarity between the states of the EU. Fortunately Ursula von der Leyen ended up apologising on behalf of the Union. During the first months of the pandemic it was a bit of every man for himself.


Recurrent disinformation narrative about the lack of solidarity from the EU and its members to Italy at the beginning of the pandemic contrasting with alleged help from non-EU members.

The narrative has been repeatedly debunked. The European Commission took multiple initiatives to help Italy and other member states deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, including support to the economy.

Disinfo: A 4-year-old child died in Donbas after Ukrainian army drone attack

According to reports, a child was killed after a Ukrainian army drone attacked a civilian settlement.


Reports by pro-Kremlin media about a boy allegedly killed by a drone attack by the Ukrainian army on April 3, 2021 cannot be considered true. Rather, the cause of death appears to be an accident with explosives/old ammunition and not by a drone attack.

RT German and other pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets spread information that a child allegedly died as a result of a Ukrainian drone attack in the NGCA [Non-Government-controlled-area] of Donbas. These reports refer to the “people’s police” of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”, which made a similar statement on April 3, 2021.