Disinfo: NATO destroyed trust in the New START treaty


NATO experts are helping Kyiv launch drone strikes against Russian airfields hosting long-range bombers that are part of Moscow's nuclear deterrent. Washington and NATO's proxy war against Russia has destroyed the basis of trust on which the New START treaty was originally built.


New pro-Kremlin disinformation claim about the war in Ukraine and about nuclear issues in the context of Moscow’s decision to suspends its participation in the New START arms control treaty.

Both the Engels-2 airfield in Saratov Oblast and the Dyagilevo airfield in Ryazan Oblast are military facilities managed by the Russian Ministry of Defence. If there were Ukrainian strikes on both objects, they would be legal under Article 52 of the Geneva Convention (Protocol I).

Russia is the only country responsible for the invasion of Ukraine. It has been coming up with different explanations and pretexts for its aggression. It was Putin’s personal decision to invade Ukraine and start the largest military conflict in Europe since WWII.

Now Moscow has taken a next step to undermine the rules-based international order by suspending its participation in the START nuclear arms control treaty.

First signed during the Obama administration to take effect in 2011 and then renewed in February 2021, shortly after President Joe Biden took office, the strategic arms treaty places a cap on the number nuclear armaments each country can have. The current extension lasts until February 2026, but both countries have complained about the other’s compliance. In January, the US accused Russia of, among other things, continuing to refuse to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities, a key verification condition on the treaty. Putin’s announcement on New START formalizes much of what Russia was already doing. The treaty requires reciprocal inspections to verify compliance, but Russia has not allowed this to happen since last fall, when they were supposed to resume following the Covid pandemic.

In a statement Bonnie Jenkins, U.S. Under-Secretary for Arms Control and International Security said: "Only a few days ago, President (Vladimir) Putin announced that Russia was unilaterally suspending the implementation of the New START treaty. Russia is once again showing the world that it is not a responsible nuclear power,"

The West supports Ukraine with military and financial aid for the country’s efficient self-defence, in accordance with the UN Charter Article 51, to stop Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine. Some NATO member states provide Ukraine with military assistance to help Ukraine to defend itself from Russia’s attack, but they are not involved in direct fighting. Ukraine receives weapons with the sole aim of restoring its territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders. Western instructors train Ukrainian soldiers on how to use modern weaponry and NATO officials have frequent political contacts with Ukrainian counterparts, but there are no NATO troops fighting on the front.

See other examples of similar disinformation narratives, such as claims that Ukraine is going to use a dirty bomb to accuse Russia of using tactical nuclear weapons, that Ukraine asked NATO for preemptive nuclear strikes against Russia, that Ukraine wanted to acquire nuclear weapons because of American pressure, or that Zelenskyy is pushing the world towards a nuclear war.


  • Reported in: Issue 330
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 28/02/2023
  • Article language(s) Hungarian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Russia, US, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Nuclear issues, NATO, US presence in Europe, Invasion of Ukraine, Destabilising Russia
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Disinfo: The US wants to silence the situation about the Nord Stream investigation

After the publication of an article by US journalist Seymour Hersh highlighting that the US remotely detonated the explosives that blew the Nord Stream pipelines under president Biden’s orders, the US try to downplay the situation and defend their stance that Russian special services are involved in the sabotage, while not allowing Russia to take part in the investigation. The US Administration try to silence the situation.


This is part of a wider pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign aiming to amplify and exploit Seymour Hersh’s controversial article accusing the US of blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines. The article can’t be considered an evidence of this: it is based on a single, unidentified anonymous source and published in Hersh’s personal blog, so no editorial team was involved in its preparation.

Some of its affirmations have been credibly debunked by journalists, experts and OSINT researchers, such as claims about NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg cooperating with the US since the Vietnam War (who was 15 at the time this war ended), the use of the M350 Alta ship (which had been out of use since 2012 and sent to the scrapyard in 2022), or that a P-8 aircraft of the Norwegian Navy was involved to detonate the explosives (none of Norway’s P-8 was remotely closer to the area of the explosions).

Disinfo: Romania is concentrating air defense systems to Moldova’s border

Romania pulls air defense systems to the border with Moldova. A video has been published on the Web that show that Romania is pulling together air defense systems near the border with Moldova.


Pro-Kremlin disinfo narrative suggesting that Moldova is preparing for war against Russia, being instigated by Washington and NATO via Romania, a NATO member. The claim is based on a video spread via Telegram presenting military technical units circulating on the streets of an unnamed city.

The Romanian Ministry of Defense denied the information. In a statement published on its web page, the Ministry said this is an old video, from November 2022, recorded in Alba Iulia city, when Romanian militaries prepared to celebrate National Day – 1 December. „Falsely, with the obvious aim of inducing panic, the video material is presented, on February 27, 2023, as "the move of Romanian air defense systems to the border with the Republic of Moldova, this morning", the Ministry said.

Disinfo: The weapons sent to Ukraine end up in the hands of criminal groups in Sweden

The weapons sent to Ukraine end up in the hands of criminal groups in Sweden. Weapons smugglers from Gothenburg receive offers to buy weapons coming to Ukraine to be sold afterwards to gangs in the Nordic country, according to information in Swedish media.


The claim is a disingenuous manipulation to promote a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative against supporting Ukraine. Although there is preliminary evidence showing that some small arms provided by Western countries may have been diverted by traffickers to criminal gangs in certain countries in northern Europe, this story deliberately distorts these cases, portraying them as much more widespread and dangerous than they actually are.

In October 2022, a top official at Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation, Detective Superintendent Christer Ahlgren, told the Finnish public broadcaster Yle that his office had received preliminary information that criminals in Finland might have captured military arms, such as assault rifles, meant for Ukrainian forces, and that weapons shipped to Ukraine had “also been found in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands”. Similar comments were made by the weapons smuggling expert at the Swedish Customs Office Jesper Liedholm to Sverige Radio in February 2023.