Disinfo: NATO has created “spy affair” to disrupt Russia-Serbia relations


NATO has created a “spy affair” to disrupt Russia-Serbia relations. The affair was put into circulation through a Bulgarian journalist, a contributor to Bellingcat and the Atlantic Council of Bulgaria, which is the NATO Institute for spreading anti-Russian propaganda and spins around the world.


Conspiracy theory, there is no evidence that NATO created a "spy affair" to disrupt Russia-Serbia relations. The controversy centres around a video showing a purported Russian spy handing a bag of cash to another man uploaded to YouTube by an anonymous user on 17 November 2019. The video shows the Russian diplomat giving the Serbian agent (whose face is blurred) a bag during a meeting in Belgrade. Serbia’s state television reported that Serbia’s intelligence agency has confirmed the authenticity of the video.

This was even mentioned by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in an official statement: "The video showing a Russian intelligence officer handing over money to one allegedly highly positioned official of Serbia was not made by our agency." He added that the video recording was made on 24 December 2018 and that it shows the meeting between the Russian Lt. Col. Georgy Kleban with the retired Lt. Col of the Serbian Armed Forces whose initials are Z.K.

This is part of a recurrent Russian effort to discredit the highly respected investigative site Bellingcat, which uncovered many elements in cases such as the downing of the MH17 flight or the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergey Skripal that contradict and expose Russian disinformation narratives. In our database, you can find other examples of false accusations against Bellingcat, such as it being anti-Russian, its instrumentalisation by governments to contradict proof of Russia's innocence or its alleged fabrication of evidence against Moscow.


  • Reported in: Issue 178
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 21/11/2019
  • Language/target audience: Serbian
  • Country: Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia
  • Keywords: Intelligence services, NATO, Secret services
  • Outlet: Sputnik Srbija
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The EU wants Belarus to lose its independence

Belarusian democratic opposition prevents Belarus’ rapprochement with Europe by insisting on the introduction of EU sanctions. When the Belarusian authorities have a thaw with the EU, the opposition does its best to cast a shadow over it. It also starts organizing protest actions and rallies. They do everything to tarnish the reputation of the country in the field of human rights. Until Belarusian opposition exists, Belarusians will not become a part of the European community.

European politicians are not interested in a better relationship with Belarus either. It seems their plan is to give the Belarusian government hope for it and then to overthrow the authorities by the hands of the opposition. Hence Minsk should not believe any of the EU’s promises. Games with the EU pose a risk of losing independence; this is what numerous EU programs aim to do. [Europe] does not need an independent and integral Belarus, but a poor, easily manipulated anti-Russian country. Integration with Russia is the only right political course and the only way to secure Belarus’ well-being.


This is a conspiracy theory which is consistent with recurring Belarus-related pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about a subservient Belarusian opposition, and Western attempts to organise a colour revolution in Belarus and disrupt Belarusian-Russian relations.

In recent years, relations between the European Union and Belarus have gone through a number of stages. The Belarusian authorities' December 2010 post-election crackdown and their imprisonment of opposition leaders led to a number of restrictive measures being applied by the European Union, as well as a wider policy of critical engagement.

In November 2018 three Ukrainian ships violated Russian territorial waters near the Kerch strait

On the 18th of November 2019, Moscow handed over to Ukraine the three ships that in November 2018  were seized by Russian authorities because they violated Russian territorial waters near the Kerch Strait.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about the Kerch incident.

On the 25th of November 2018, border patrol boats belonging to Russia’s FSB security service seized two small Ukrainian armoured artillery vessels and a tug boat and their crews after shooting at them, wounding several Ukrainian servicemen and arresting 24 members.

In feminised Western societies males refuse to live their true nature while women behave like men

Western societies are increasingly feminised. In these societies, males refuse to assume the responsibilities of adult life and to live according to their true nature, while women behave like men, but are unable to defend themselves when their own lives are in danger.