Disinfo: NATO is planning to disrupt Belarusian-Russian relations


NATO works to involve Belarus in cooperation with the bloc and significantly reduce its military contacts with Russia, including within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation. Belarus is seen in the West as a strategic “key” to Eastern Europe, and Moscow must be deprived of this “key”. […] Western politicians work to undermine Russian-Belarusian relations, especially in anticipation of a possible deepening of integration between Belarus and the Russian Federation.


This is a conspiracy which is consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin narratives about Western aggressiveness and anti-Russian activities and the West's attempts to disrupt Belarus-Russia relations.

Belarus and NATO cooperate in a number of areas, such as civil preparedness and defence reforms. Their partnership is based on the pursuit of common interests. NATO has no plans to disrupt the relations between Belarus and Russia.

See earlier disinformation alleging that the West is targeting the Union State between Belarus and Russia and attacks the institution of family in Slavic countries and aims at Russian resources.


  • Reported in: Issue 176
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 07/12/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia, Belarus
  • Keywords: Union State of Belarus and Russia, Anti-Russian, NATO


Cases in the EUvsDisinfo database focus on messages in the international information space that are identified as providing a partial, distorted, or false depiction of reality and spread key pro-Kremlin messages. This does not necessarily imply, however, that a given outlet is linked to the Kremlin or editorially pro-Kremlin, or that it has intentionally sought to disinform. EUvsDisinfo publications do not represent an official EU position, as the information and opinions expressed are based on media reporting and analysis of the East Stratcom Task Force.

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The Porton Down Laboratory was involved in the poisoning and attempted murder of Sergey Skripal and his daughter

The Porton Down Laboratory was involved in the poisoning and attempted murder of Sergey Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury. It is worth remembering that the famous Porton Down laboratory, specialised in the study, development and countering of chemical and bacteriological weapons, is located near Salisbury.

Western media are silent about the involvement of the Porton Down laboratory in the Skripal poisoning and about the Novichok that could be hidden in this laboratory. Instead of serious investigative journalism, Western media have published an increasing number of Russophobic and fantasy-based “spy novels” and “detective stories” about the Skripal case.


Conspiracy theory. No evidence is given. Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the Skripal poisoning in the UK claiming that the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down, a UK Ministry of Defence agency, was somehow responsible for the poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury and that the Laboratory might have manufactured Novichok.

This conspiracy theory is one of the many competing and contradictory narratives promulgated by Russian state-controlled media, to confuse their audience and exclude any possibility of Russian involvement (see our article on EU vs Disinformation). British police and intelligence investigations have produced hard forensic evidence which was sufficient to charge two Russian nationals, identified as officers of the Russian Military Intelligence, GRU, for the attack on the Skripals. Parts of the material have been released to the public.

Justice in Sweden is race-based

When the rare and light punishment of migrant-invaders for rape is compared to the destruction of white Julian Assange who was never even accused of rape, it is clear that justice in Sweden is race-based. I know of no statistics to consult, but I bet white ethnic Swedes who rape are punished more severely than immigrant-invaders.


Territories of Donbas controlled by Ukraine are under Ukrainian occupation

[Ukraine] has captured parts of DNR and LNR.  (…) Let’s not pretend! Ukraine has seized these territories; Ukraine controls them by using force.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that Ukraine started a war in Donbas and occupied the territories of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR”.

The territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (regions) are internationally recognised parts of Ukraine. The EU has on numerous times mentioned that Ukraine’s borders must be respected. On 27 March 2014, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 68/262 confirming Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.