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NATO sponsoring colour revolutions in post-Soviet states

Summary of Disinformation

NATO is preparing colour revolutions in a number of post-Soviet countries, which will result in coups d’état and installation of Western-friendly regimes in those states.


Recurring disinformation narrative invariably casting popular uprisings in the post-Soviet states and elsewhere as regime-change devices, including those in Georgia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Armenia; and portraying Russia as a non-interfering global actor encircled by Russophobes.

Accordingly, the agents of regime change behind mass protests around the world include, but are not limited to, the US, NATO, the CIA, the EU, the West in general, "certain forces," and George Soros. No evidence is ever given to support these claims; in fact, the lack of proof is the very foundation of "Big Conspiracy" narratives, which authoritarian governments make abundant use of.

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Reported in: Issue 157
Date: 02.07.2019
Language: English
Country: Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus
Keywords: EU/NATO enlargement, Encircling Russia, Anti-Russian, Puppets, Russophobia, NATO, Conspiracy
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik News
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