Disinfo: NATO wants to destabilise Central Asia after leaving Afghanistan


NATO wants to destabilise Central Asia after leaving Afghanistan. There are deliberate attempts to heat up the situation, to undermine the existing mechanisms of inter-state interaction. It is possible to notice the wish of the Atlantic Alliance to redistribute forces to other areas of the region, be it Central Asia or South or Southeast Asia, and at the same time to send fluxes of Afghan refugees to these regions. After a rushed withdrawal, Western nations turned their weapons to the Taliban and are now working to increase tensions even further.


The claim is a baseless conspiracy theory, aiming to promote recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives against NATO and about an allegedly imperialist West always conspiring to destabilise other countries, this time taking advantage of the crisis in Afghanistan. Although the US and NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan has been the subject of harsh criticism, and led to a massive influx of Afghan refugees towards other countries and the seizure by the Taliban of significant arsenals, the affirmation that this is a deliberate policy is not backed by any evidence, and its only goal is to exploit growing concerns about these consequences to advance the Kremlin’s agenda.

See other examples of similar disinformation narratives, such as claims that the US seeded chaos in Afghanistan to undermine China and Russia, that Western interests are behind the Kabul airport terror attack, that the US created a drug laboratory on a global scale in Afghanistan, that unlike the US, the USSR entered Afghanistan at the request of the legitimate government, or that NATO is the sole responsible for Afghanistan’s destruction.


  • Reported in: Issue 263
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 15/10/2021
  • Article language(s) Spanish
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Afghanistan, US, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
  • Keywords: NATO, Destabilising Russia, Central Asia
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Disinfo: Latvia prefers Russophobia to recognition of Russian vaccination certificate

A new wave of coronavirus in Latvia is accompanied by a new wave of insanity. Those vaccinated by "Sputnik V" were officially equated with the unvaccinated.

Even those who had COVID, don't count as having a valid certificate if it was issued by Russia. It turns out that there is COVID-Russophobia. That is, if you were ill and got vaccinated by Sputnik V, it will not count. Many citizens in this situation, in the opinion of the Latvian authorities, are second-class people.

Instead of helping people somehow, it turns out that anti-Russian policy is more important to Levits [president of Latvia] than the health of his own citizens.


Citizens vaccinated with vaccines not recognised by EMA indeed do not have COVID passports with QR codes in the EU. But Latvia's "anti-Russian policy" has absolutely nothing to do with it.

At the beginning of July, the European Union offered Russia the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates (without the certification of the vaccines themselves). Russia has expressed interest, but negotiations are proceeding slowly, and, according to the EU Ambassador to Russia, Markus Ederer, through the fault of the Russian side.

Disinfo: The WHO is a globalist and highly suspicious organisation

The WHO is a globalist and, to put it mildly, highly suspicious organisation.


Pro-Kremlin media often use the method of denigrating and defaming international organisations such as the OSCE, Council of Europe, WHO, WADA or OPCW, portraying them as anti-Russian and practicing double standards.

WHO's primary role is to direct international health within the United Nations' system and to lead partners in global health responses. The WHO Constitution states its main objective as the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.

Disinfo: Georgia is a colony of the Euro-American imperialism, subject to imposed Western liberal values

Georgia is still a typical colonial country with no sign that it could free itself from the clutches of Euro-American imperialism.

Moreover, it is obvious that the so-called political elite in Georgia, obsessed with the desire to be in power, is ready to follow the instructions received from outside the country. Representatives of the government and the opposition agree to legalise things that are unacceptable to the Georgian national-traditional and Orthodox beliefs, such as, for example, same-sex marriage.


A common pro-Kremlin narrative on “lost sovereignty” challenging Georgian statehood, as if Georgia is ruled by the West, consistent with the pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Western values.

Pro-Kremlin outlets often claim that many countries, not under Moscow's control, are "Western puppets".