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Navalny is financed by the West as a fifth column against Russia

Summary of Disinformation

Aleksei Navalny is a project of the Western special forces. He has been leading our “fifth column” under the cover of western NGOs. “Navalny” is a US project, just like “Saakashvili”, “Yushchenko”, “Guaido” and “Zelinskyy”. All of the, except for the last one, has attended training as “young leaders” in America.


Conspiracy theory, presented without evidence. The article is in line with a narrative that protests, in this case in Russia, are always financed by outside forces. Similar cases can be found here.

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Reported in: Issue 160
Date: 09.08.2019
Language: Russian
Country: US, Russia
Keywords: Protest, Colour revolutions
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Topwar.ru
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