Disinfo: Nazi ideology is on the rise again in a number of OSCE participating states


The propaganda of Nazi ideas and values ​​is openly carried out, national radicals are raising their heads, attempts to split society along ethnic and linguistic lines are intensifying in a number of OSCE participating states.

So, in Estonia, gatherings of admirers of the Estonian servicemen of the 20th Waffen-SS division are held. In Riga, every year on March 16, marches of SS legionnaires and their young radical supporters are held. Similar processions are organized in Lithuania. The Ukrainian government also funds “military-patriotic” camps for young people under the auspices of ultra-right groups. In addition, there are over 900 different “hate groups” operating in the United States.

It is also significant that Ukraine and the United States are the only states that annually vote against UN General Assembly resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative attempting to link the Baltic countries and Ukraine with NazismFascism, and anti-Semitism. The accusation of Nazism is a popular propaganda technique used by pro-Kremlin outlets. Read more:  Nazi east, Nazi west, Nazi over the cuckoo's nest.

The UN General Assembly resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism was presented by the Russian Federation and was opposed by the delegations of the US and Ukraine because of its attempts to legitimatize Russian Federation disinformation narratives. "The United States has voted against each new version of this draft resolution since 2005 to protect against unacceptable restrictions on freedom of expression", according to the transcript of the meeting. The representative of Ukraine said that Ukraine condemned all forms of Nazism and neo-Nazism, racism, xenophobia and related intolerance. However, the draft resolution has nothing in common with the fight against Nazism; the penholder attempts to monopolize the victory over the Nazis in pursuit of political interests.

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  • Reported in: Issue 214
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 04/09/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania
  • Keywords: OSCE, Nazi/Fascist, Baltic states


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Navalny’s recovery disproves poisoning by Novichok

The German press writes about the supposedly new type of the Novichok. They write that it is a binary substance, that is, consisting of two components. But in order to bring such a substance into a combat state, an explosion is needed. And since there was no explosion in the case of Navalny, it means that there was no “Novichok” either. This can explain the blogger’s high speed of recovery.

In any case, this could only be done by the Western special services, which have been working with substances of this type over the past 20 years. This assumption is confirmed by the fact that German military doctors immediately classified the test results. At the same time, Russia has not been working with such substances for 30 years.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative on Alexei Navalny's poisoning.

Clinical findings at the Charité hospital indicated that Navalny was poisoned with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. Subsequent toxicological tests provided unequivocal evidence of a chemical nerve agent of the Novichok group in the blood samples of Alexei Navalny.

British will be present in the Black Sea to arrange a zone of tension for Russia

The so-called Ukrainian military fleet, which is scrap metal, suddenly conducts joint exercises with Great Britain. This means that the Ukrainian fleet is used as a cover factor, because it is impossible to practice any effective military actions with it due to the lack of necessary ships and systems, management, etc. Therefore, the British, hiding behind Ukraine, will be present in the Black Sea, on the one hand, to arrange a zone of tension for Russia, and on the other, in pursuit of goals that will never be actually announced. Ukraine “was made anti-Russian” in order to use it in such cases.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the West and NATO  allegedly pursuing a belligerent and hostile agenda against Russia. Russia considers any military exercises in Europe as provocative and dangerous. Every nation has the right to conduct exercises, but it is important that they are conducted transparently and in line with international obligations. NATO conducts dozens of military exercises in different countries and they are not directed against Russia.

The UK will lead a multinational Maritime Training Initiative for the Ukrainian Navy, boosting their ability to combat threats in the Black Sea. As Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has confirmed: "Maritime Training Initiative will enable even closer collaboration with the NATO Alliance and Armed Forces around the world, and allows us to build on Ukraine’s new NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner status."

The United States is behind the protests in Belarus

The United States is behind the protests in Belarus, and they are operating through centres in Poland and the Czech Republic. But there are also internal reasons. The internal reason is that two new generations have grown up in Belarus and a small class of “bourgeois” has formed and they want power.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Belarus protests and, in general, about protests in post-communist countries, presenting them as being organised and controlled from abroad. This narrative claims that protests, disorders and civil uprisings are never manifestations of popular discontent but are “colour revolutions” directed and funded by the West.

There is no evidence that the US or other foreign forces are involved in any way in the protests in Belarus. The protests in Belarus erupted to contest the results of the presidential election on the 9th of August, which are considered fraudulent by a large part of Belarusian society. The European Union has also stated that the elections were neither free nor fair.