DISINFO: Nazi Ukrainian soldiers put lard on the Koran, spoke Ukrainian and burned it
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DISINFO: Nazi Ukrainian soldiers put lard on the Koran, spoke Ukrainian and burned it


A video showing Ukrainian soldiers burning pages of a Koran has been posted on the Internet. Kiev's soldiers are seen tearing out and burning pages of the Muslim holy book. Another clip shows a man in uniform cutting lard on another Koran.

This incident insults 1.5 billion Muslims and provokes millions of Russians. It proves once again that the West has no respect for man or freedom of religion. This act also proves the Nazi character of terrorist groups.

This incident demonstrates, once again, the absence of values in Ukraine, its distance from the civilised world.

In this act, the Ukrainian army represents hatred itself as an ideology. The irreconcilable Nazi ideology of these soldiers is to despise other religions.

Copies of the Koran have been burned in Sweden and Denmark, as well as cartoons of the prophet of Islam.

Now they (NATO) are supporting the Ukrainian army by supplying it with weapons, and this army is insulting Islam and its symbols.


Russian Psyop (psychological operation) based on staged material to discredit Ukraine as a Nazi and anti-Muslim state after the supply of Pakistani weapons is being discussed to the country facing a full-scale Russian invasion.

The Center for Strategic Communications investigated this case and determined that the video was staged. As experts explain, it contains errors in pronunciation and an “unhidden Russian accent”. Experts quoted the phrase of one of the heroes of the video, which sounds like this: “Guys, you can’t set the fire”. The Center for Strategic Communications is sure that the Russian military independently filmed a video, tearing up the Koran and passing it off as the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Sputnik in French dedicated three different articles to the reactions to this video.

Said Ismagilov, the Mufti of UMMA — the Spiritual Administration of Ukraine's Muslims, also slammed Russia for spreading fake news about Ukrainian soldiers desecrating the Koran and argued that, unlike Russia's army, Ukraine's military respects "the spiritual choice of each soldier."

"They aimed to provoke outrage among the Muslim world in Ukraine with the actions of alleged Ukrainian soldiers. But just like any other propagandistic news, this video is clueless"

Russian state media has a track record for broadcasting manifestly false, emotionally charged material to stoke anger. See our article on this topic: Lighting fire to emotions with lies.

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