Disinfo: Nazism is now being implemented in Ukraine


Nazism was a project that was implemented in Germany by the Europeans and there is now a European project being implemented in Ukraine. Three foreign ministers including Germany’s, who brought the Nazis to power with their own hands. Today, Russophobia is the basic project of the West. We can take offence at the law on education recently adopted by Ukraine, but the West is supporting the apartheid regime now in two members of the European Union.


There is no apartheid or Nazi regime neither in the EU nor in Ukraine. There are no Nazis in the government nor in the parliament of Ukraine. Even the far-right ‘Right Sector’ (often depicted as "fascists" or "Nazis" by pro-Kremlin outlets) gained only 1.8% of the votes, far short of the threshold needed to enter the parliament. Ukraine's electorate clearly voted for unity and moderation, not extremism or Nazism, and the composition of the parliament reflects that bit.ly/2dFFEdi,
Criticism of Russian government's policy is not "Russophobia". There is in fact a clear record of strong cooperation between the EU and Russia, dating back to 1994, when the two sides negotiated a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. Russia was identified as a strategic partner for the EU, and was the only country with which the EU held summits not once, but twice a year.
In 2010 the EU and Russia launched a Partnership for Modernisation. As stated in the Joint Declaration: "The European Union and Russia, as long-standing strategic partners in a changing multipolar world, are committed to working together to address common challenges with a balanced and result-oriented approach, based on democracy and the rule of law, both at the national and international level" bit.ly/1p648gA, .
Despite current difficulties in the relationship with Russia, the EU and its Member States have maintained a clear policy of reaching out to Russian society and youth, mainly through the Erasmus+ student exchange programme and other people to people contacts.


  • Reported in: Issue82
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 27/09/2017
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine, Germany
  • Keywords: West, European Union, Russophobia, Europe, Nazi/Fascist


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Part of Ukraine is a Russian territory with a population that has nothing in common with Ukraine

A part of Ukraine is a Russian land that has never belonged to Ukraine and the people who live there do not have any connection to Ukraine.


Ukraine is recognised in international law as a sovereign nation state, with its own flag, nationality, language etc. Ukrainian citizens are citizens of Ukraine, not Russia. Russia has no right to claim them or to legislate for them.
The territorial sovereignty of Ukraine that includes the Ukrainian jurisdiction over Crimea also, has been recognized by the international community and enshrined in relevant UN resolutions.