Disinfo: The New York Times blames Putin for US health system collapse in face of novel coronavirus


The US keeps breaking negative records of infected and deaths from coronavirus, but instead of blaming the US health system or the lack of measures adopted by the authorities at the beginning of the pandemic, the New York Times is already pointing to Putin. According to the newspaper, over the decades the Russian president has made the collapse of the US health system and the loss of confidence of Americans in their doctors his personal motivation, undermining the healthcare month after month and year after year through anti-vaccination campaigns and other strategies until its final collapse. The article uses arguments such as that the Kremlin envies the number of Nobel Prizes awarded to US scientists so it tried to destroy its foundations. The fact that this kind of articles always point to Russia after a concrete problem exploded suggests that their aim is to find a scapegoat and divert attention from the real causes.


This is a deliberate distortion of the original New York Times article, which doesn’t blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for an alleged collapse of the US health system in face of the coronavirus crisis, nor says that he has a personal motivation in provoking this collapse. Rather, it affirms that Russia has been promoting an anti-vaccination stance in the West and other public health disinformation issues for a long time and that Moscow’s aim is to portray American officials as downplaying the health alarms and thus posing serious threats to public safety. The NYTimes article also exposes the techniques used by the Kremlin to spread disinformation on health issues for over a decade, such as interviews in RT with experts that repeatedly claimed falsely that H1N1 flu or Ebola virus were bioengineered, among others.

The Kremlin’s long-standing efforts to seed distrust in vaccination abroad have been well documented by EUvsDisinfo and other researchers, such as the George Washington University and Georgia’s National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC).

The goal of attacking and misrepresenting the NYTimes article is to ridicule the claims about Russia’s involvement in this disinformation campaign and divert attention away from any responsibility, a frequently used disinformation technique in the Kremlin’s toolbox. You can see other examples of Russian-promoted disinformation on vaccines in our database, such as claims that they are not effective and their production is part of the agenda for a New World Order; that European countries where vaccination is not mandatory are more successful; that coronavirus vaccine is a big pharma fraud led by Bill Gates; that nano-chips for population control will be injected along with anti-coronavirus vaccines; or that those who survive the pandemic will be poisoned this way for population reduction purposes.


  • Reported in: Issue 193
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 15/04/2020
  • Language/target audience: Spanish, Castilian
  • Country: Russia, US
  • Keywords: coronavirus, vaccination, The New York Times, Vladimir Putin


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The coronavirus was not born in Wuhan, it was imported there

The sequence of genes in the new coronavirus shows that it was not born in Wuhan, but was imported there. The novel coronavirus is a combination of gene H1. The haplotype H1 was imported to Wuhan by an infected person resulting in the breakout of the epidemic.


A conspiracy theory, presented without evidence to support the claim that coronavirus was created artificially and imported to China.

Scripps Research Translational Institute (TSRI) proved that the new coronavirus originated through natural selection and is not a man-made virus and is a result of natural processes. So far, the virus has been associated with the wet market of seafood and live animals in Wuhan.

Ukraine used the cover of civilian airplanes to attack

The Ukrainian Army actively used civilian aircraft as cover to hit the positions of separatist forces even before the MH-17 crash. While the Ukrainian Air Force was attacking separatist positions in Slavyansk and Semyonovka, civilian aircrafts flying at a low altitude were present at the same time. Kyiv deliberately changed the flight paths of these planes to be able to use them as “human shields”. The goal of this was to provoke a tragic situation allowing Ukraine to label the separatists as terrorists. Ukraine was thus at least an active part of but more likely the organizer of the MH-17 tragedy.


Recurring disinformation blaming Ukraine for the crash of flight MH17.

No evidence has come to light that would suggest Kyiv trying to use civilian aircraft as human shields at any time. The article presents no evidence either, it is based entirely on the statements of Igor Strelkov, a former Russian officer who played an active role in the annexation of Crimea and the war in Eastern Ukraine until he was pulled out of the country.

Coronavirus could have been produced by the US as a biological weapon

The coronavirus could have been produced by the US as a biological weapon or could have been transmitted to the Chinese population in Wuhan by animals such as bats or anteaters. However, US President Donald Trump’s emphasis on imposing further sanctions on Iran and on strikes against Iraq’s Hashd al Shaabi popular forces indicates that the coronavirus epidemic could have been a previously planned conspiracy. An Iranian proverb states that nothing can be kept secret forever.


Conspiracy theory. No evidence is presented to support the article’s claims.

Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about COVID-19 that claims that the virus was created by the US as a biological weapon to use against adversaries such as China, Iran and/ or Russia.