Disinfo: NHL players are allowed to use Meldonium


NHL players are allowed to use Meldonium, the Latvian produced medicine to treat ischaemia that was banned by World Anti-Doping Agency from this year and as a result several RU sportsmen, including Sharapova, were banned.


Meldonium is not allowed in the US and it has been added to the NHL list of banned substances.The change goes into effect for the upcoming season. See here for more information.


  • Reported in: Issue 39
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 30/08/2016
  • Language/target audience: Latvian
  • Country: Latvia
  • Keywords: Doping
  • Outlet: Sputnik
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Sebastian Kurz urged the EU to lift anti-Russian sanctions

The head of Austrian diplomacy Sebastian Kurz urged the European Union to lift anti-Russian sanctions.


Sebastian Kurz said during a television talk show on ORF TV: “I believe that we should gradually come to a modus in which for every implementation of the Minsk Protocol, for every single step, sanctions will gradually be lifted in return”.

Further debunking by StopFake.

The Ukrainians have sent special forces to Luhansk, in order…

The Ukrainians have sent special forces to Luhansk, in order to demolish the nationalist batallions fighting for Ukraine.


The article is founded on a claim of a Russian-backed separatist leader - no evidence for his claims given. These claims are periodically repeated by pro-Kremlin outlets, although nothing like that ever happened.