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No Russian air strikes targeting Syrian Democratic Forces or civilians

Summary of Disinformation

All the targets of the Russian air strikes were located out of settlements and in a safe distance from strongholds of the US SOF and Syrian Democratic Forces in the ISIS-controlled territories.


According to Reuters, Russia intensified its air strikes in Syria’s Idlib and Hama provinces in mid-September, hitting heavily populated civilian areas.af.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idAFKCN1BZ0O5, .
The U.S. and their allies, as well as independent observers, have accused Russia of causing multiple casualties among the Syrian Democratic Forces by striking their positions – which, the Pentagon said in a September 16 statement, were “known to the Russians.” www.centcom.mil/MEDIA/PRESS-RELEASES/Press-Release-View/Article/1313824/russian-strike-wounds-syrian-democratic-forces-troops/, .
The independent watchdog Airwars reported that the Russian strikes caused a “sharp rise of civilian deaths” during the battle for Deir Ezzor. airwars.org/news/deir-ezzor/, .
While Russia's Defense Ministry provides regular briefings and reports on the success of its operation in Syria, it has never admitted its forces there caused civilian casualties or given any indication that it investigated reports of such casualties.
The Russian airstrikes continued during the last week of September and early October, including a September 24 attack, which, according to multiple sources, killed at least 45 Syrian rebels.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKCN1C0118, , m.france24.com/en/20170924-russian-strikes-kill-45-syrian-rebels-monitor, . Further debunking here www.polygraph.info/a/russian-military-syria-disinformation/28778203.html, .

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Reported in: Issue 83
Date: 26.09.2017
Language: English
Country: Russia, Syria
Keywords: Syrian War, Daesh
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Russian Ministry of Defence
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