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Norway struggles to find a substitute for the Russian fish market

Summary of Disinformation

Norway, after Russia introduced food sanctions, could not find a substitute for the Russian fish market. “This issue is painful for the fishing industry of the kingdom”. Norwegians have tried to adjust to the new situation – from the economic point of view it is the loss of a billion dollars from the fish trade with Russia. There have been attempts to find markets, great hopes have been associated with improving relations with China, but the Russian market has not been replaced.


Actually, the Minister of Fisheries of the country Per Sandberg not so long ago noted that Norway did not suffer from Russian sanctions. According to him, new markets were found in China, Japan and Vietnam.

Indeed, according to the authorities of the country, since 2013, the export of fresh fish from Norway has grown by almost $ 1.5 billion. If a year before the introduction of food sanctions by Russia, the share of fish in the country's exports was 3.4%, then in 2016 it occupied already 7.2% of the economy. Accordingly, the export value of this product for three years increased from $ 4.99 billion to $ 6.4 billion. Further debunking at the Insider theins.ru/antifake/88770, .

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Reported in: Issue 96
Date: 23.01.2018
Language: Russian
Country: Norway, Russia
Keywords: Trade, Sanctions
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Vesti.ru
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