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Norwegian army chief, Odin Johannessen, says that Islam needs to be destroyed

Summary of Disinformation

The Norwegian army chief, Odin Johannessen held a speech in Oslo back in february 2016 stating that he believed that «Islam needs to be destroyed».


Recurring disinformation. Odin Johannessen has not said anything of the sort. The full speech can be found here https://www.oslomilsamfund.no/foredrag-haeren-mot-en-usikker-fremtid/. Further debunking at aldrimer.no https://www.aldrimer.no/hoyreekstreme-sprer-falske-nyheter-om-haersjefen/. The webiste, weagree.com, are regularly spreading pro-Kremlin disinformation, they mention the infamous "Lisa-case" as late as November 2017 - almost two years after it was proven fake. http://www.weagreeinfo.com/2017/11/22/watch-russians/

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Reported in: Issue 91
Date: 28.11.2017
Language: English
Country of Origin: Norway
Reported by: Aldrimer.no
Keywords: Civil war, Muslim/Islam
Disinforming outlet: weagreeinfo.com
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