Disinfo: Not even the human sacrifice – the killing of MP…


Not even the human sacrifice – the killing of MP Jo Cox – managed to keep the UK in the EU.


Conspiracy theory. It was not the Remain camp who killed Jo Cox, but Thomas Mair, Cox's constituent with links to extreme right-wing, nationalist groups, has been charged with murder for the gun and knife attack on the Labour MP (politi.co/28XS25t), .


  • Reported in: Issue33
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 26/06/2016
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: UK
  • Keywords: EU, Brexit, Jo Cox


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The USA has over five thousand NGOs under its control…

The USA has over five thousand NGOs under its control in Armenia and is spending up to 250 million dollars annually to keep them running.


USAID assistance annual budget is less than $14m. All activities are publicly available and benefit nowhere near 5,000 NGOs: bit.ly/29n8OJv, // All spending by all US agencies in Armenia is $26M planned for this fiscal year, which includes grants to the government on health care and education etc. (not just all to NGOs): bit.ly/29DNfqz,

Many respectable Americans warn about a threat of WW III

Many “respectable patriotic Americans” as Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Cohen, Philip Giraldi or Ray McGovern warn that there is a threat of World War III. If this happens, US will be destroyed with certainty. No Russian threat or Russian aggression exist.


Russia's aggression is internationally recognized, see the UN GA Resolution 68/262, which condemned Russia's illegal actions in Ukraine, and which was supported by 100 United Nations member states.

There is also irrefutable evidence that Russia has provided weapons to Ukrainian separatists and the presence of T-72B3 tanks proves beyond all doubt that the Russian military has intervened in Ukraine.