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Notre Dame fire: intelligence services responsible for arson

Summary of Disinformation

Churches in France began to burn after the new year and about a dozen have already burned down, many more have been desecrated. But the police spoke about the burning of temples by anarchists, not migrants, and there is a big difference there.

The Notre Dame fire was not an accident. In general, all these arsons and desecrations are the work of the special services. The mystery is only if it was done by the French or the American intelligence services.

Europe’s weakness is well within the sphere of US interests. And so the burning of churches in France is quite a reason for new protests.


The ongoing police investigation of the Notre Dame fire origin reveals that it was most likely due to a short circuit in a temporary elevator used for renovation works. The version of arson was not confirmed by any evidence.

Conspiracy claims based on false allegations. No dozen of Churches were burnt in France recently. An accidental fire took place in a church in Grenoble last January, police concluded, reminds France3 in response to conspiracy theories pretending the arson. Two minor arsons took place in Lavaur and Paris due to presence of homeless people in a church in one case and teenagers in the other one, as previously reported.

French government documents even minor desecration cases occurred in Churches and does not discover its increasing, reminds Liberation check news.

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Reported in: Issue 146
Date: 17.04.2019
Country: France
Keywords: Notre Dame
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: News Front
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