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Notre Dame fire: it was arson and not the only case

Summary of Disinformation

With the ruins of the Notre Dame still smoking, French officials were repeating like parrots – apparently on the orders of Macron – “there was no arson.” Open text answer is: This was arson, and not the only case.

Recently, in France, an epidemic of vandalism in Christian churches has been taking place. In the church of Lavaur, unknown authors burned down the altar. Over the last month, two dozen churches were set on fire in France.


No evidence given, neither for the claims of arson at Notre-Dame, nor for the claims on "dozen churches being vandalised". After the first week of investigations and after after studying video surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses, the theory of an electrical failure is preferred by the investigators . Investigations are continuing and the full investigation will likely take several months.

In the case of Saint-Alain Cathedral in Lavaur, located 300 meters away from a school, teenagers who allegedly burnt the altar cloth and committed other acts of vandalism were identified using video surveillance data and incriminated. The presence of cakes in a confessional and the twisted arm of Christ in the form of dab (a popular dance among teenagers) suggest that the authors were more likely to look for troubled teens than religious fanatics, summarizes La Depeche.

The French ministry of the Interior released statistics in which both major and minor accidents, like graffiti tags on Church walls, were listed as acts of vandalism, concluding that such vandalism cases occur up to 2,9 a day, reminds Liberation. However, the figure has remained stable over the past years.

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Reported in: Issue 146
Date: 18.04.2019
Language: Russian
Country: France
Keywords: Notre Dame
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: REN TV
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