Disinfo: There is an ongoing Deep State revolution against Donald Trump, as proven in Tulsa


There is an ongoing revolution against Donald Trump by the Deep State, which is controlled by the Democratic National Committee and whose victory in the election in November 2020 would mean an Empire that is in harmony with itself. Prior to his rally in Tulsa, the situation wasn’t looking good for Trump: Twitter, the Supreme Court, the Army and even the Secret Service were acting against him. More and more officials declared their allegiance to the New World Order by kneeling to it. The mass media made a superhuman effort to torpedo Trump’s Tulsa rally. There wasn’t a single media outlet friendly to Trump: even Fox News followed the agenda set by The New York Times.


This is a conspiracy theory, part of a well-established Russian disinformation narrative about global elites secretly ruling the world, and specifically a so-called ‘Deep State’ in the United States that opposes alleged outsiders like Donald Trump. No proof is provided to support the claims. The same external links in the original disinformation article, used as examples of the alleged plot against Donald Trump, serve to debunk its own affirmations: Twitter flagged a racist video because it was manipulated; the Supreme Court ruled against two policies promoted by the Trump Administration, upholding the so-called DACA program and granting protection from discrimination for LGBTQ employees, basing its decision on legal grounds; the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff apologised because he had appeared on a photo-op which broke the traditional rules for the army to stay outside politics; and there is no evidence that it was the Secret Service who leaked the information that Trump went to the White House bunker during protests for racial justice in Washington. Fox News reported on negative aspects of Trump’s rally in Tulsa, such as Covid-19 risks or the possibility of unrest, based on informative criteria, not because they were following an alleged “New York Times’ agenda”. None of this can be considered as evidence of a “Deep State revolution” against Trump. You can see other examples of these disinformation narratives in our database, such as claims that the Deep State is behind the racial protests in the US; that it is pushing Donald Trump towards war with Iran; that any US president will be assassinated if he confronts it; that the Assange case represents Trump’s capitulation to these dark powers; that Covid-19 is a biological weapon created by Bill Gates, George Soros and the Deep State, and its vaccines will lead to Full Spectrum Dominance; and that the whistleblower who triggered the impeachment inquiry was linked to Soros.


  • Reported in: Issue 203
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 24/06/2020
  • Outlet language(s) Spanish
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: US
  • Keywords: Democratic Party (US), Deep state, Donald Trump
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Disinfo: Crimea reunited with Russia after a referendum on the peninsula

Relations between the Russian Federation and Western countries have worsened due to the situation in Ukraine and around Crimea. Crimea reunited with Russia after a referendum on the peninsula. The West, having accused the Russian Federation of interference, imposed sanctions against Russia. Moscow took retaliatory measures, headed for import substitution and more than once stated that it is counterproductive talking with Russia in sanction-language. Russia has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the conflict in Ukraine and the subject of Minsk settlement agreements.


This is a mix of several recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about illegal annexation of Crimea, war in Ukraine and Minsk Agreements. The so-called referendum was organised under Russian illegal occupation without complying with neither the Ukrainian electoral code nor the Russia electoral code. The annexation has been condemned by the UN GA (see the resolution A/RES/68/262 on the territorial integrity of Ukraine). No international body recognises the so-called referendum, announced on 27 February 2014 and held on 16 March 2014. A year after the illegal annexation, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that the plan to annex Crimea was ordered weeks before the so-called referendum. The European Union does not recognise Crimea's annexation and continues to condemn it as a violation of international law. EU sanctions continue to be in place against Russia as a consequence of the annexation. For the EU's statement on the sixth anniversary of Crimea annexation see here. Regarding permanent denial of Russia’s involvement in war, Russia is pretending that has no role in this armed conflict, despite massive evidence in this regard, More, pro Kremlin propaganda claimes that Russia helps to resolve the internal conflict in Ukraine. The European Union stated in July 2014 that "arms and fighters continue flowing into Ukraine from the Russian Federation". At the NATO Summit in Wales in September 2014, NATO leaders condemned in the strongest terms Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine and demanded Russia to stop and withdraw its forces from Ukraine and from the country’s border. NATO leaders also demanded Russia comply with international law and its international obligations and responsibilities; refrain from aggressive actions against Ukraine; halt the flow of weapons, equipment, people and money across the border to the separatists; and stop fomenting tension along and across the Ukrainian border. In 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted Russia's military presence in Ukraine. The EU has condemned the clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity by acts of aggression by the Russian armed forces since February 2014. Read similar cases claiming that there is no evidence of Russian presence in Ukraine, that rumours about Russian military presence in Donbas come from linguistic misunderstanding, that Crimea never belonged to Ukraine, that Crimean people have expressed their desire to rejoin Russia in a democratic processthat Russia has never participated in the Ukrainian crisis.

Disinfo: The Munich agreement began World War II

The West is engaged in historical revisionism. The historical truth is that the start of the war was not because of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which the Western establishment likes to mention, but because of completely different documents. Do not forget that it was the Munich conspiracy that culminated in the policy of appeasing the aggressor and opened the way to WWII.


This is a pro-Kremlin narrative which is itself a clear case of historical revisionism about the WWII and the Munich Agreement. The Munich Agreement (September 30, 1938), indeed, permitted German annexation of the Sudetenland, in western Czechoslovakia. The policy of appeasement towards Adolf Hitler was heavily criticized in Europe and proved to be a disastrous move. World War II began in Europe on 1 September 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. Great Britain and France responded by declaring war on Germany on 3 September. Before this, from May 1939 until August 1939, the UK, France, Poland and the USSR were trying to find a compromise to create a coalition during the so-called Moscow Negotiations. Polandcategorically refused to let the Red Army into its territory, fearing Soviet occupation. The USSR started in parallel negotiations with Germany and on 23 August 1939, signed theMolotov-Ribbentrop (Stalin-Hitler) pact, in which the Soviet Union and Germany divided their "spheres of interests" in Europe: the division of Poland, the Baltic countries, Finland, and Romania were agreed. On 1 September 1939, Hitlerattacked Poland, Soviet troops entered the territory on September 17 of the same year. From 3 September 1939, Great Britain and France were at war with Germany, creating an anti-Hitler coalition together with the expelled Polish government and other countries. Read a similar case that The Munich conspiracy of European powers launched WWII.

Disinfo: Zelenskyy is going to take away Russian territories

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues to dream about getting Russian territories. With a preference for jokes on political issues, he once again raised the topic of relations with Russia. It turned out that Zelenskyy believes in a great victory over the Kremlin. In an interview with the Canadian newspaper “Globe and Mail”, the guarantor of “nezalezhnoy” [Ukraine] called the relationship with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as confusing and complicated.


Recurring disinformation narrative painting Ukraine as an aggressive, Russia-hating, state. In the interview with the Canadian newspaper “Globe and Mail”, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy did not say that he plans to take the territories of the Russian Federation. He wants to return Ukrainian territories that are not currently under Kyiv's control.

“This is the most tricky and difficult question. I will tell you frankly, I do not have time to believe, or not to believe, Vladimir Putin. I just have to do my job, in the way I consider correct, to achieve the result. Over this time, we have returned more than 130 people from captivity. I understand that this is not a big victory, but these are the small victories that are sure to lead to a big one. And for us it is the return of all Ukrainians and all our lands [territories of Donbas and the Crimean peninsula]. And that's what I really believe in. And I have time for that," Zelenskyy said.