Disinfo: Only crazy dishonest people trust the French government to manage the Covid19 crisis. The epidemics is almost over and it hurries to buy expensive and unknown vaccines


The person who still trusts this government suffers from a real psychiatric problem. It is a psychiatric decompensation, it is impossible otherwise!

This government can indeed lead us towards a vaccination campaign. I don’t trust this government for anything. Absolutely for nothing and even less for vaccination.

The vaccine producers outbid each other. There is one who says the vaccine is 95% effective, the other 97%. But what do we do besides fattening the pharmaceutical industry?

The epidemic curve is coming down. And one can see that the confinement measures were useless. This has been shown with very significant curves. This phenomenon of the end of infection began long before the confinement and the curfew. The epidemic is drying up. And we rush on vaccines like misery on the poor world. We have gone completely crazy. Or we’re dishonest, it’s one or the other. Let’s hope that we’re just crazy.


Message aiming at destabilising the trust in Western governments and their ability to cope with the sanitary Covid-19 crisis.

Even if the efforts of the executive power to limit the spread of coronavirus within the population and, at the same time, keep the economy afloat are widely criticized, French people who trust in the French government to face the epidemic was 41% in the end of October, 35% on 9 November and 39% on 19 November. It cannot be reasonably be said that 2/5 of the French population is totally crazy or dishonest.

If most countries have a plan to vaccinate the population it cannot be said that the aim is to enrich the pharmaceutical companies, but to protect the population.

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  • Reported in: Issue 222
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 19/11/2020
  • Outlet language(s) French, Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: France
  • Keywords: coronavirus, health, vaccination
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Disinfo: Ukraine is going to send all people who received Russian passports to concentration camps

Zelenskiy’s calls to return and the simultaneous opening of concentration camps for those who received Russian passports can be compared to Nazi Germany. Internment – forced isolation in connection with the armed conflict, will affect both the residents of the DPR and LPR who received Russian passports and the residents of Crimea. Ukraine reserves the right to apply forced internment to absolutely all citizens of the Russian Federation without trial or investigation. They are going to be sent to concentration camps. Residents of Donbas once again became convinced that Ukraine is a predictably dangerous neighbour. But in fact, it is correct to say that concentration camps are opening there for everyone with a Russian passport. In fact, in this situation, it is appropriate to compare with Nazi Germany – then, too, Soviet citizens were promised warm beds and hearty meals.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative on Ukraine and the war in Donbas.

The Ukrainian parliament is not preparing a bill that will allow the internment of all Russian citizens. The law, on the contrary, must define who can be subjected to internment, what are these people's rights and define the rights and obligations of state institutions.

Disinfo: Ukraine has ceased to be an independent country

In general, Kyiv’s turn towards European values turned out to be somehow wrong. Ukraine has ceased to be an independent country capable of maintaining law and order and ensuring human rights on its territory.

The list of events related to the violation of law and order in Ukraine includes a coup, murders, attacks on journalists and discrimination against a certain category of citizens who want to speak Russian.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Ukraine, lost sovereignty, and undermining Ukrainian statehood.

Ukraine is an independent country. Its sovereignty and territorial integrity are respected by almost all countries. Ukraine is a priority partner for the EU and a strategic partner for the US. Western partners support the democratic development of Ukraine in accordance with the UN Charter’s principles of non-interference into internal affairs and respect towards territorial integrity and political independence.

Disinfo: The State Treasury Service of Ukraine only has enough money left for 10 days, Ukraine will collapse

The Treasury only has enough money left for 10 days. And a hungry person with weapons to hand, and with moral corrosion and moral decline, is dangerous.


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about Ukraine, portraying it as a failed state.

There is no reason to believe that the State Treasury Service of Ukraine only has enough money left for 10 days. The official authorities did not make such statements. According to the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, the Treasury had more than 15 billion hryvnias available in early November. This is more than at other times in 2020 and 2019; for example, the account had about 10 billion in April 2020 and nearly 8 billion in March 2019.