Disinfo: Only Ukraine violates the ceasefire regime in Donbas


There were tens of “comprehensive” ceasefire agreements concluded since 2015 between the Ukrainian troops and the People’s Police of Donbas. Each of them lasted a maximum of a few days, afterwards the Ukrainian side resumed shelling. And while the command of the republics of Donbas strictly forbids its subordinates to open fire, even in response to shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian side periodically conducts targeted shelling of the positions of the defenders of Donbas and frontline settlements.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the war in Ukraine alleging that Ukraine is sabotaging the Minsk agreements and the ceasefire regimes in Donbas.

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine reported 8,500 ceasefire violations during the period from 27 January - 9 February. It recorded 26 weapons in violation of their withdrawal lines: three in the Ukrainian government-controlled side and 23 in areas outside governmental control. The Mission observed anti-tank mines on both sides of the contact line.

Based on the report of 15 February 2020, the SMM has recorded more than 140 ceasefire violations, most of which took place on the "non-governmental-controlled areas".

In many cases, separatists from the self-proclaimed DNR and LNR violated the Minsk agreements, not the Ukrainian side, with the so-called elections organised there in February 2018 as one of the examples.

See similar disinformation narratives stating that the government in Kyiv is sabotaging the peace in Donbas and that the Ukrainian side does not abide by the Minsk agreements.


  • Reported in: Issue 187
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 12/02/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: Ukraine, DNR, Eastern Ukraine, LNR, War in Ukraine, Donbas


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The Netherlands is going to sabotage the MH17 trial

There will be no real trial in the MH17 investigation, there will only be information sabotage to please the representatives of the West, who constantly twist this topic in a convenient way.


A conspiracy theory. One of many recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives aiming to undermine the results of the MH17 investigation and the outcomes of the future trial.

The prosecution of 4 suspects begins on 9th of March 2020, as decided by the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office (PPO), which has the unanimous support of the investigation authorities of the other countries in the Joint Investigation Team (JIT): Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine. The PPO will present the case to an independent court in a public hearing under the Dutch legal system.

The MH17 trial will be a show process

The MH17 trial will be indeed a show process, where the accused are already proven guilty by the Western media and politicians.


An unfounded conspiracy theory attempting to undermining the Joint International Investigation of the downing of the flight MH17.

A special team, known as the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), was established to conduct the criminal investigation of the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. The JIT comprises officials from the Dutch Public Prosecution Service and the Dutch police, along with police and criminal justice authorities from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine.

The US plans to turn Belarus into its colony, a coup and foreign military invasion may happen

The fate of all authoritarian rulers who tried to agree with Washington and collective West was tragic. In a new Belarus, which the West is planning to build on the ruins of the Union State of Belarus and Russia, the West does not need Alexander Lukashenko in any status. The US will not behave as the Kremlin, which tolerates Lukashenko’s demarches and does not interfere in Belarus’ domestic affairs. An appointment of US ambassador to Belarus means that the embassy will soon start reviewing the candidates to Belarus’ presidential position.

Given the specifics of Belarus, Lukashenko may be overthrown not through the Maidan, but in a coup. In case someone suddenly backs up and attempts to save Belarus from turning into yet another US colony, the West may bring hundreds of Belarusian nationals who fought in Donbas on Kyiv’s side. Following the power change in Belarus, so-called peacekeeping forces from Poland or the Baltic states may enter and replace the Russian military in Belarus.


This is a conspiracy theory which is consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin narratives about Western attempts to organise a colour revolution in Belarus and to disrupt Belarusian-Russian relations.

The US and other Western countries do not have plans to organize a forceful power change in Belarus or to send any peacekeeping forces from Poland or the Baltic states. Belarusian authorities expelled US ambassador in 2008 in response to US sanctions introduced for the rigged presidential elections in Belarus and poor human rights record. The sides announced their plans to restore ambassadors during the US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale' s visit to Minsk in September 2019. This intention was confirmed during US State Secretary Mike Pompeo visit to Minsk on 1 February 2020.