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OPCW's very light report is not clear about whether chemical attack happened in Douma

Summary of Disinformation

On April 7, 2018, was Douma really victim of a chemical attack? And if yes, who committed it? OPCW’s report reads: The toxic chemical was probably the molecular chlorine. It gives reasonable grounds to believe that the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon occurred. The use of the term probably or “reasonable grounds” does not allow us to have any certainty.

Several British media have said that witnesses who appear in the video of the Douma hospital say themselves that the chemical attack on Douma was staged. The information was confirmed on Twitter by a BBC producer.


RT France, , francais.rt.com/international/59606-attaque-chimique-douma-que-dit-rappor-final-oiac?fbclid=IwAR351Bvgj7NJqOH4cT-hzoNWeoQelQ_PWoi1MmhnzBSy7wHQ-nV_eHBSiIc

In its final report, the OPCW does not leave any doubts on the detection of chlorine on Douma: "based on the levels of chlorinated organic derivatives, detected in several environmental samples gathered at the sites of alleged use of toxic chemicals, which are not naturally present in the environment, the FFM concludes that the objects from which the samples were taken at both locations had been in contact with one or more substances containing reactive chlorine" (page3 of the report).

The claims that videos taken in a Douma hospital after the chemical attack were staged are a recurring narrative of pro-Kremlin outlets. See our reporting and Bellingcat coverage how Russian and Syrian state media has used fiction movies to "prove" the Douma attacks were staged.

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Reported in: Issue 139
Date: 03.03.2019
Language: French
Country: Syria
Keywords: Douma, Chemical weapons/attack
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: RT France
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