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Orthodoxy main enemy of the West according to Carl Bildt

Summary of Disinformation

When Carl Bildt was the Foreign Minister of Sweden, he said that Orthodoxy was the main enemy of the West. Quote: ”Orthodoxy is more dangerous than Islamic fundamentalism. It represents the main threat to the Western civilisation, as it tries to regulate family relations and does not recognise gays and transgenders”

Printed newspaper

The fake quote was debunked already three years ago, when it was first cited www.b92.net/eng/news/region.php?yyyy=2014&mm=05&dd=14&nav_id=90316, and subsequently refuted by Carl Bildt as a complete fake twitter.com/carlbildt/status/466563814251847680, .

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Reported in: Issue 83
Date: 28.09.2017
Language: Georgian
Country: Georgia
Keywords: Orthodox Church, Carl Bildt
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Georgia and the World
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