Disinfo: NATO impoverished Moldova


NATO is a threat to the Republic of Moldova.

This collaboration with NATO, besides putting our budget on the brink, creates problems with Russia, which is our strategic partner.

Besides creating inter-ethnic problems, with 70 percent of the population being against NATO, […] this collaboration with NATO creates serious problems for our peace and the political stability of the country. Look at all the NATO states, they all have terrorist acts.


Following  request for access to public information, the Ministry of Defense declared that, last year, only 50,000 lei were allocated from the public budget for military participation in missions abroad.

Previous sociological surveys, such as the May 2018 Barometer of Public Opinion, estimate that 53.8% of Moldovan citizens are against the accession of the Republic of Moldova to NATO. This figure is significantly below the 70% referenced in the articles.

According to data presented in the Global Terrorism Index for 2018, among the top 50 countries in the world where terrorist acts took place last year, there are only 8 of the 29 NATO member countries. At the same time, the index of terrorism in some NATO countries included in this Index (such as Spain, Belgium, Greece or Germany) is even lower than that in Russia.



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  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 31/01/2019
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  • Country: Moldova
  • Keywords: election meddling, EU/NATO enlargement, Manipulated elections/referendum, NATO
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The US interferes in Moldova’s parliamentary elections

The United States of America and US Ambassador to Chisinau, Dereck J. Hogan, are interfering in the parliamentary elections in Moldova.

As soon as he took office last autumn, Hogan began to be actively involved in the internal processes of the Republic of Moldova. He publicly supported some politicians over others, offering recommendations on the conduct of parliamentary elections.

The US ambassador’s non-diplomatic manners clearly reflect US habits, combining threats with promises and imposing their will. Moldova should not become another area for such irresponsible experiments that destroyed Iraq and Libya, and threw Syria and Ukraine into the abyss of bloody conflicts.



The US Ambassador's message to Moldova was distorted and misinterpreted. He has publicly stated that the US will support the development of democracy in Moldova.

At a meeting with students at a Moldovan university, the ambassador declared at the beginning of February that he hoped that the citizens with the right to vote would make the right choice during the February 24th parliamentary elections. He reiterated that from the US, the Republic of Moldova will receive all necessary support: ”No matter who wins the elections, we will continue to support Moldova's sovereign right to choose its own way - but we believe that establishing closer ties with the United States and Europe will strengthen the prospects for a brighter and prosperous future. To this end, we will continue to support Moldova's economic development by developing stronger trade and investment ties with the United States. We will support Moldova's sovereign right to seek new trade and investment partners throughout the region and the world to strengthen the country's economic development”.

Chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria was staged, as the video of victims in the hospital is fake

The footage of people being treated after an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria was staged. US President made decision to bomb Syria based on one video.



No reliable evidence that footage of people being treated in a hospital after chemical weapons attack in Douma is fake.

The new round of disinformation was launched after Intercept published a new article about the Douma attack. The article states: "At least one chemical attack did take place in Douma on April 7, and people died as a result."