Disinfo: Patients in Italy and Spain likely to be constantly infected by the coronavirus tests


On March 30, Luxembourg’s intermediary company Eurofins responsible for the supply and quality control of tests for the Covid-19, informed government’s laboratories that the virus was found in their delivery lot. The company’s official letter stated that the virus was found in key components of the test, namely in probes and capsules supplied from the United States. Eurofins also reported the discovery of coronavirus and some other intermediary companies also receiving their test kits from overseas. The shocking news bypassed by both international and national mainstream media. […] Why, in countries such as Italy and Spain, where the population has been under quarantine for a month and a half, the death rate from Covid-19 is not going down? The number of victims in these countries still ranges from 500-800 per day! But according to the most respected experts, the average incubation period of Covid-19 is of 14 days. Two weeks after the quarantine was introduced, there should have been a sharp decline in the death rate from coronavirus. But for some reason this does not happen. Most likely, people are continuously infected by the tests for Covid-19! […] We can add with confidence that this list will be continued by France, Great Britain and the USA. Specific facts now speak in favour of this version: the tests are infected on a very large scale, and the authorities nonetheless show little concern about this.


The disinformation claim, first written on Eadaily.com, was republished by Gumilev-Center.ru and than became viral on Russian social media and messenger, including Whatsapp messages, without mentioning the original source. The original claim on Eadaily.com amplifies and misrepresents the reporting by The Telegraph. The original reporting by the Telegraph says that "Britain’s attempt to ramp up mass coronavirus testing has been dealt a blow after key components ordered from overseas were discovered to be contaminated with coronavirus, the Telegraph can disclose" and "traces of the virus were detected in parts due for delivery". The supplier, Eurofins company said that the issue can be resolved by ‘proper cleaning’ but admitted the discovery would result in a delay. No other issues, such as contamination of humans by tests, was announced by Eurofins or anybody else. The claim that Spain's and Italy's death rates do not go down since the beginning of the quarantine is untrue. It does, as we can see on the graph for Spain is here, for Italy here. See more disinformation narratives on coronavirus.


  • Reported in: Issue 196
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 20/04/2020
  • Outlet language(s) Russian,
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Italy, UK, Spain
  • Keywords: coronavirus
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Disinfo: WHO may be involved in a plot to reduce global population

Within the framework of “Operation COVID-19”, WHO is involved with vaccines (or rather, chemical weapons), which should reduce the population. […] The Republic of Armenia is not a country where the population can be reduced. Armenia should immediately suspend its WHO membership and abandon any “WHO-Bill Gates” programmes. Armenia must reject any vaccination programmes against COVID-19.


An unfounded conspiracy theory, about WHO, Bill Gates and coronavirus, sharing a recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative about "secret elites" controlling world leaders and part of the anti-vax movement. Vaccine hesitancy is identified by WHO as one of the top ten global health threats of 2019. There is an overwhelming scientific consensus about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. See similar cases claming that Bill Gates and Co aspire to a reduction in population, that survivors will be poisoned with vaccines, or Covid-19 will allow total control of the population through forced vaccination and chips.

Disinfo: Sooner or later, Americans will have to choose between freedom or a vaccine with a microchip

In order to return to normality, a possible requirement, besides social distancing, will be mandatory participation in a global vaccination programme, underwritten by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Big Pharma and many other supposed “philanthropists”. Efforts to introduce a vaccine containing nanotechnology to “mark” and keep those injected under surveillance received a big boost, with Bill Gates at its head.


Conspiracy theory, with no evidence provided to support the claim. This is a mix of a long-established conspiracy theory about a Shadow Government of all-powerful groups ruling the world (a formulation that aims to question the legitimacy of democracy and Western institutions) with bogus narratives against billionaire Bill Gates and attacking vaccination programmes. They also fit into an ongoing disinformation campaign on coronavirus, well documented by both media and governments. Some elements of this campaign were widely reported by Russian and international publications and by the European External Action Service. EUvsDisinfo database has a long set of Kremlin-linked disinformation cases on the Shadow Government and coronavirus, such as claims that Covid-19 vaccines will lead to Full Spectrum Dominance by the Deep Dark State; that vaccine production is part of the agenda for a New World Order; that the coronavirus pandemic is being exaggerated in order to turn countries into fascist hygiene dictatorships; that the Covid-19 outbreak is not about a virus but about power; or that those who survive the pandemic will be poisoned this way for population reduction purposes.

Disinfo: The West hates Russia because of its strong state and traditional value system

Recent years have brought the United Kingdom and the West, in general, a new reason for the hatred of Russia. After Russia had managed to rise from its struggling condition after the 1990s, it started, like the Soviet Union did before it, to offer an alternative to the world built by the Anglo-Saxons. Britain demands of Putin, day and night, to cease to undermine the world order.

One wonders here: What is the nature of this “undermining”, and what is the secret behind the exaggerated reaction to it? Ultimately, Russia cannot challenge the West economically; it even depends on it. Militarily, Russia is several times weaker than NATO and cannot, by definition and common sense, initiate any aggression against the West. Russia cannot impose its will on the West in any way.

But it is simply because the Anglo-Saxon Empire, like any large empire, is on the way to collapse from within, under the weight of accumulated economic distortions, pervert and unsustainable social relations. This cannot be described as a struggle of political ideologies, especially since Russia, unlike the Soviet Union, no longer has an ideology. So the conversation here is about something much deeper than that; it is about the collapse of the value system.

Russia adopts a strong state model that is based on conservative and traditional values. It refuses to accept same-sex marriage, maintains the family value as one of the undisputed values, and proposes and defends that vision as an alternative.


This message is in line with a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the West's moral decay aimed at portraying Russia as superior to the West in terms of values and morals. This narrative often claims that President Vladimir Putin saved Russia’s values and identity from the threat of Western decadence and that he is the only world leader that protects traditional European and Christian values. “Threatened values” is one of the most common narratives used by pro-Kremlin outlets.

According to these narratives, the liberal societies of the West are depraved, they seek to destroy traditional values and to promote deviant sexual behaviour.