Disinfo: Patients in Italy and Spain likely to be constantly infected by the coronavirus tests


On March 30, Luxembourg’s intermediary company Eurofins responsible for the supply and quality control of tests for the Covid-19, informed government’s laboratories that the virus was found in their delivery lot. The company’s official letter stated that the virus was found in key components of the test, namely in probes and capsules supplied from the United States.

Eurofins also reported the discovery of coronavirus and some other intermediary companies also receiving their test kits from overseas. The shocking news bypassed by both international and national mainstream media.

[…] Why, in countries such as Italy and Spain, where the population has been under quarantine for a month and a half, the death rate from Covid-19 is not going down? The number of victims in these countries still ranges from 500-800 per day!  But according to the most respected experts, the average incubation period of Covid-19 is of 14 days. Two weeks after the quarantine was introduced, there should have been a sharp decline in the death rate from coronavirus. But for some reason this does not happen.

Most likely, people are continuously infected by the tests for Covid-19! […] We can add with confidence that this list will be continued by France, Great Britain and the USA. Specific facts now speak in favour of this version: the tests are infected on a very large scale, and the authorities nonetheless show little concern about this.


The disinformation claim, first written on Eadaily.com, was republished by Gumilev-Center.ru and than became viral on Russian social media and messenger, including Whatsapp messages, without mentioning the original source.

The original claim on Eadaily.com amplifies and misrepresents the reporting by The Telegraph. The original reporting by the Telegraph says that "Britain’s attempt to ramp up mass coronavirus testing has been dealt a blow after key components ordered from overseas were discovered to be contaminated with coronavirus, the Telegraph can disclose" and "traces of the virus were detected in parts due for delivery". The supplier, Eurofins company said that the issue can be resolved by ‘proper cleaning’ but admitted the discovery would result in a delay.

No other issues, such as contamination of humans by tests, was announced by Eurofins or anybody else.

The claim that Spain's and Italy's death rates do not go down since the beginning of the quarantine is untrue. It does, as we can see on the graph for Spain is here, for Italy here.

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  • Reported in: Issue 196
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 20/04/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Italy, UK, Spain
  • Keywords: coronavirus


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Western democracies are primarily responsible for the Second World War

The history of the Second World War has been rewritten to remove the blame on Western democracies who, on the contrary, are primarily responsible for the outbreak of the conflict. Stalin initially attempted to forge an alliance against Hitler with Western democracies, but the latter feared Bolshevism more than Nazism and preferred to make concessions to Hitler.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative  that attempts to portray the Soviet Union's role in World War II as non-aggressive and portrays various European states as being responsible for the outbreak of the war.

This message is part of the Kremlin’s policy of historical revisionism and an attempt to erode the disastrous historical role of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact by claiming that other European countries signed various international agreements with Germany after Adolf Hitler came into power.

Leaked documents cast doubt on evidence in MH17 trial

The JIT’s evidence in the MH17 trial is mainly based on conversations intercepted by the Ukrainian Security Service, anonymous witness testimony, and Internet images found by the research collective Bellingcat.

However, even this evidence is at odds with two documents leaked from the Dutch military intelligence body (MIVD) and published by Bonanza Media. These documents show that there were twelve BUK missile installations — nine Ukrainian and three Russian — in the wider area of the crash site. The closest installation in use was Ukrainian. This was 98 km away from the spot where MH17 was hit. The nearest operational Russian installation was located 106 km away, on the Russian side of the Russian-Ukrainian border. The MIVD concludes that none of these installations could have hit MH17, based on the locations where they were seen according to the information of MIVD. The BUK-M1 type has a range of up to 42 km.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the MH17 investigation.

The documents published by Bonanza do not prove Russian non-involvement in the crash. See detailed refutations of this claim here and here.

In Moldova, there are biological weapons laboratories supported by Americans

In Moldova, there are laboratories of biological weapons supported by the Americans. As a result, they store dangerous microorganisms and threatening pathogens.


Conspiracy theory about American interference in Moldova, but also in other post-Soviet states.

There is no laboratory in the Republic of Moldova that prepares biological weapons. This claim has already been debunked in the past. Thus, the Ministry of Defence from Moldova stated last year to Stopfals.md that “the Republic of Moldova does not produce/ test any biological weapons/ viruses and does not in any way support any state, group of states or international organisations to manufacture or acquire any of the above-mentioned agencies/toxins."