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EU won't invest in Ukraine

Summary of Disinformation

Nowadays, no country, not even the European Union invests in Ukraine. Without investments, it will be very difficult to revive the Ukrainian economy.


Recurrent disinformation narratives about the EU abandoning Ukraine and the collapsing Ukrainian economy.

The European Union supports Ukraine in ensuring a stable, prosperous and democratic future for all its citizens. Since spring 2014, the EU has stepped up its support for economic and political reforms in Ukraine.

The main EU countries investing in Ukraine in 2016 were: Cyprus – $427.7 million, equivalent to 21.7% of the total investment amount; Great Britain – $403.9 million (20.5% of the total amount), Netherlands – $255 million (12.9% of the total amount); Austria – $249.9 million (12.7%); Italy – $209.9 million (10.6%); Hungary – 187.6 million (9.5%); Germany – 75.2 million (3.8%). At the same time, the amount of Ukrainian direct investments (equity capital) in other countries’ economies on the 31st of December 2016 totaled $6233.4 million, including the EU countries – $6014.4 million (96.5%) and other countries of the world - $219 million (3.5%).

The EU is Ukraine's largest trading partner, accounting for more than 40% of its trade in 2016. Ukraine accounts for 0.9% of EU's total trade, with a turnover of €29.6 bn in 2016.

Ukraine exports to the EU amounted to €13.1 bn in 2016. The EU exports to Ukraine amounted to over €16.5 bn in 2016. Total trade between the EU and Ukraine increased by 27.1 % from January to August 2017 vs January to August 2016. In that period, exports from EU to Ukraine increased by 26.6% whereas imports from EU to Ukraine increased by 27.7 %.

The EU is a large investor in Ukraine. EU investors held investments worth around €16.1 bn in Ukraine in 2015.

The EIB will lend EUR 50m to finance transport infrastructure improvements throughout the country, along with a EUR 10m grant agreement under the multi-donor E5P fund that supports municipal investments in energy-efficiency and environmental projects in the Eastern Partnership countries.

Consult “Investing in Ukraine’s future”, EIB’s Special Action Plan for Ukraine: the EU bank delivers on its promise of EUR 3bn in 3 years.

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Reported in: Issue 144
Date: 28.03.2019
Language: Azerbaijani
Country: Ukraine, EU
Keywords: economy, Economic difficulties
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik Azerbaijan
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